How to invest in cryptocurrency if the market is uncertain?

Since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009, the cryptocurrency has reached its peak with one Market value from around $2 trillion globally.

It is the same as the GDP of the eighth largest economy in the world. The cryptocurrency boom wasn’t just about market size. According to a CNBC Millionaire survey, 83% of millennials who are millionaires own cryptocurrency.

According to a CNBC Millionaire survey, the majority of millennials own the majority of their fortune in cryptocurrency and expect to add more in 2022 despite the recent price drop.

It is clear that a lot of money has been made and still has to be made using cryptocurrencies. But there are a large number of investors who own it suffered huge losses by investing in cryptocurrencies, Especially lately when there are so many Speculation and market tension.

Uncertainty in the cryptocurrency market

The cryptocurrency market is subject to a great deal of risk, instability and uncertainty, often as a result of price fluctuations, government regulations, marketing propaganda, and public sentiment. This has led to a fair amount of criticism of cryptocurrencies as a store of value. But Volatility is very common between related asset classes High returns.

Bitcoin, for example, is known to fluctuate wildly, as much as 200% in both directions within a year.

The uncertainty associated with cryptocurrency can act as a deterrent to potential investors due to fear. If you are one of those investors who postponed their earnings from cryptocurrency due to this feeling, then do not worry and reinvest the strategies that you should have put in place before investing in any cryptocurrency.

Questions to ask yourself before investing in cryptocurrency

Why do I invest in cryptocurrencies?

You have to ask yourself why you are investing. It’s only for Fear of missing out (FOMO) Or is it to explore and take advantage of uncharted territory?

If you are only trying cryptocurrencies because a friend made huge profits by investing in an alternative currency, you might be putting your life savings into the coin only to find that the experiences are different. On the other hand, if you are dealing with cryptocurrency fromA corner to try to explore a new marketMay you find the success you are looking for.

Eric Voorhees Every time the cryptocurrency price goes up, people start spending a lot more.

This quote includes what we call Positive market mood. It attempts to show how people tend to have false expectations when the value of a volatile item like cryptocurrency rises rapidly. As a result, the coins become increasingly rare Where more people want to own it. You should not invest in cryptocurrency just because many are buying it.

Is it really the best time to invest?

As with any other investment asset, there are good times and bad times to invest your money in cryptocurrency. Difficult times are usually times when the market is very tense due to Government regulations, influencer rumors, news, and tweets.

Is it too good to be true?

If the coin makes big promises, it’s probably a scam. Tokens they promise Triple your investment in weeks Without a clear and stated strategy, they are most likely a scam and not worth the risk. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

How much am I willing to lose?

Due to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, it is very likely that you will end up with lose your investment honestly monitor Directions and opening hours Financial analysis will increase your chances, but profit is not fully guaranteed. A good rule of thumb, especially when starting out, is to invest the amount you are willing to lose.

Do I really know enough about this investment?

It is important to establish all necessary basic information before investing in any token. Read the relevant white paper and indicate if the coin has deities Actual feasible use cases. If not, it may still be a good investment, but your chances of losing capital are greater.

If you are just starting out, it is important to know Cryptocurrency basics. There is no absolute possibility that you will not incur losses by investing in cryptocurrencies, but there are some steps that you should take to minimize losses.


If you are looking to become an experienced trader, you definitely need to understand it Fundamental and technical analysis.

Technical Analysis It is a method of evaluating an investment by identifying patterns and trends in rating. Traders use technical analysis mainly for evaluating short term investments.

Fundamental Analysis Includes check Currency utility, status created to fill opportunities and challenges on its way. Fundamental analysis takes into account the financial potential of a currency using different tools and metrics. Fundamental analysis is most useful for long-term investments.

Both forms of analysis can be applied to your investment strategy.

proper risk management

This is perhaps the most important factor that distinguishes the emperors from the poor. The Business leaders don’t bite off more than they chew.

Regardless of your earned investment and how carefully you perform your analysis, it is always wise to take a conservative approach to investing.

Risk management can be a complex exercise that even the most experienced investor evades and is often best learned through experience. However, the general rule is The gold standard (or the gold risk/reward ratio).

This relationship is widely accepted 1:3, which means that your reward from every trade you make should be 3 times your risk. This means that according to the gold standard, if you enter a trade at $6000, your stop loss should be at $5800 and if Take-Profit is $6600. This raises your risk to $200 and the expected reward to $600, in a 1:3 ratio.

Place a stop loss order

a A stop loss order is a risk management tool Which automatically closes the position once a certain price is reached. Limit market losses by liquidating your assets immediately. One Stop loss relates to your willingness to risk, or how much you are Willing to lose is a vital tool In the volatile cryptocurrency market.

Using the common type of stop loss requires monitoring the market and setting a new stop loss on each move in your favour. One Trailing stop loss You avoid the problem by monitoring market volatility and setting a new stop loss based on your specifications. With a plan: You must have a detailed plan to invest in cryptocurrencies. It will help you maximize fit and reduce leaks.

A trading plan is a detailed document in which you list your plan Your goals, your risk appetite, and your rules for investment. Not only will it help you cut your losses when the trend moves against you, but it will also help you weather the storm before making big gains.

Best tips and strategies for investing in cryptocurrency

Diversify your portfolio

You should try as much as possible to include a good number of Several coins in your wallet. Including uncorrelated currencies in your portfolio will act as a hedge in the event of a severe market downturn.

Avoid over diversifying your portfolio

It’s easy to get lost Speculation and forecasting the cost of the dollar When it comes to cryptocurrency. You want to diversify your portfolio but never want to jump into the latest trends without thinking too much about it.

Apply dollar cost averaging into your strategy

Dollar Average Cost (DCA) It is the practice of progressively investing small, predetermined amounts of money at spaced intervals. This is to reduce the effects ofPrice instability on your capital.

Determine the size of your investment portfolio of cryptocurrencies. Experts generally cut it 5% of your investment portfolio It’s a good benchmark you should aim for Invest in cryptocurrency.

focus more on Excellent startup resource. Used as a corporate term, “big corporation” refers to well-established companies that are financially stable and have a record of profits even in times of economic instability.

In crypto, blue chips are used to refer to currencies that have a market capitalization of at least $2 billion. A large market value ensures that there are buyers available for your coins if you want to sell them.

last thoughts

Apply investment due diligence. You can never know too much about investing. Take a look at the use cases related to the cryptocurrency you are interested in, select them and see if they are possible. Read the technical document. Ask questions on forums and platforms like Cora.

You should generally avoid investing based on social media tips, influencer opinions, and marketing hype. It does not mean that they are inconsistent. Be patient and accept scams that may lose money. Cryptocurrency is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes time to bear fruit.

Investing in cryptocurrency involves a lot of risks, but there is also a large amount of money being invested. Market volatility and impulsive decisions She is responsible for the risks. These risks can be mitigated if you treat cryptocurrencies as you would any other market. While it is an exciting market, with a good reputation for making some big profits in a short period of time, it is by no means easy to trade cryptocurrencies, and there is a significant amount of risk involved.

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