Italian Politics and Bitcoin Against Bukele and Lugano

interview with Paolo Arduino subordinate May 2 We YouTube channel It has been the source of many inspirations and many potential discussions that we will likely continue to nurture in the coming days and months.

after talking about FUD on the rope It is appropriate to return to a certain point regarding the situation PoliciesSometimes Italia As elsewhere, with a guest who was exceptional again because he is directly involved plan B from Lugano.

Is politics holding back Bitcoin in Italy?

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Politics and Bitcoin: From the Global Level to the Italian Level

The situation is there for all to see. First it was a turn El Salvador, Which Made Bitcoin Legal Now for nearly a year. Then came the turn Lugano with her plan Bboth are real Rope She is directly involved, albeit in very different ways.

As different as the genesis of a part of a poor republic Central America On the other hand, one of the most rich in the world, with situations, attitudes and needs that cannot be far away. With one constant though: Bitcoin They can work in any of these places and also serve very different purposes.

  • What is happening in Lugano

much more than Bitcoin De facto legal tender. Because the occasion involving Bitcoin With Rope And Log (The stablecoin linked to the Swiss franc) will also have a device compAnd start And professionals – She has already partially moved to the Swiss city. This will create a very important ecosystem also of an economic nature, which will serve as a base, as he has always reminded us Paolo Arduino During our interview, for similar future adoptions by other cities. who a Model Already working and winning.

Italian mode

we arrived to – en passersby – Also discuss the Italian situation where in addition to the tax interesttreasury In fact, it has been observed that it does little, if not actually hinder, through campaigns Food In which also senior leaders of the institutions participated.

We definitely agree with Paolo Arduino Which showed us that not only the economic side of the issue is missing, but the organizational and political will. At the same time, optimists by nature, refer to us interviews with two ladies from Republic who, perhaps in their own little way, are fighting a battle in our opinion worthy of recognition.

This is our interview withpresence. Zanecelliwhich also created a file Parliamentary group above Blockchain and Cryptocurrency This is probably the main political promoter of the sector in Italy. accompanied by a party companion,presence. karabitawho was also a guest on our screens.

So something is moving too RomeAlbeit at a fast pace slower One of those we would like to see. Hoping, who is always the last to die, that experience Lugano You can also study in our country.

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