Nft: The first band arrives and enters the music industry blockchain

Can you dance to the beat of NFT? The infamous Irreplaceable Tokens, revealed on the web in 2021, is entering the music world. Of course you can. I was actually born Nft’s 1st Division: Kingship, consisting of four digital images of monkeys and signed a contract with the record company Universal. If you are wondering how this is possible, you have to start from the beginning and how it became a set of colorful representations of monkeys must have among millionaires in the United States.

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Going to take a look at the Twitter profiles of some US VIPs for November, there is one thing that catches the eye: many of them have As a profile picture draw a monkey. The features are similar – bright colours, holographic details, and casual wear – but they are all different. In fact, Nft are crypto tokens that gain value thanks to the fact that they are unique. Jimmy FallonStephen Curry, Snoop Dogg and many more play Nft simian on Twitter. These virtual products are part of Irreplaceable icons boredom monkey yacht clubIt consists of 10,000 units. One of the most successful combinations in the industry, BAYC launched in April on the OpenSea platform; At the moment, the cost of the cheapest picture is about 200 thousand dollars. Some of them were sold for much more, until prices exceeded 3 million dollars. Like rare works of art, Bored Yacht Club’s NFTs have become collectibles sought after by millionaires. Four monkeys from this expensive series were chosen to form a musical group.

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10:22 PM It is the name of the new label dedicated to the Universal Music website, which decided to sign a contract with the band Kingship. The four NFTs that are part of it belong to Jimmy McNeillsknown on the network as j1mmy.eth. Passionate about music and bitcoin, McNeills chose four monkeys suitable for his purpose and decided to create the musical group. “Before listening to a song, you will find out who the property is as characters and individuals. When you listen to music, you get to know the artistThe creator said in a recent interview referring to the fact that these NFTs could become virtual influencers. And what about the music? Based on what we’ve learned, it will be composed by Celine Joshua, founder of the 10:22 PM poster, but the genre hasn’t been revealed yet. The authors are already predicting Concerts on the web as well as live thanks to 3D animation and other technological innovations.

The call, which is also given to the chosen animal, can only go to Gorillaz, Damon Albarn’s squad of animated and fictional characters. What’s new is that fans will be able to interact with artists, purchase exclusive collections and discover unreleased songs. Even if profit seems to be the goal that interests the makers of the project, the arrival of NFT in music can also have positive effects. This is the opinion of Oliver Marco Dawson, founder of Italian brand Pluggers and host of the HiFi & DeFi podcast dedicated to music and blockchain:I think music has undergone a profound process of democratization since the first two millennia, thanks to the web. However, one registration model has been established in recent years, based on the maximization of flows; The problem is that not all music is listened to frequently and that’s only what led to most pop projects being favoredThus it can be falling tokens in music Encouraging a new design approach: “Through NFTs and blockchain technology, we give another value to music, which is not just the value of “the number of broadcasts the song makes”. Therefore, different discography models will be created that complement the existing model, and give more possibilities especially to those who make musical worlds far from the mainstream.Dawson explains.

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