Ravena in the municipality: Ravenna, the capital of green chemistry and renewable energy

“Briefly: mayor He told the government that in Ravenna “there is a territory united and ready to implement 4 strategic actions to fundamentally change course, four yes to the economy and the environment”. The area he’s talking about is the sea in front of Ravenna and what he expects is that the new rigs are given the green light and that the ones that already exist are being pushed to extract the gas: there’s obviously that also in the package. He himself promised to close it in 2017 and will instead continue to cause the reduction of Lido Di Dante and Lido Adriano. And then he asked for a gas-to-gas regasification plant to be set up which the city actually rejected in 2008. And again, to build the world’s largest CO2 dump while there are demonstrations in the city to the contrary. The icing on the cake is also an AGNES project that, however, relates to that other filth. Doing so puts you at risk of ruining that as well. We also hope that once the indispensable planning check is completed as soon as possible, it will have effective management support beyond the greenwashing process.

Like Ravenna in the municipality We immediately expressed our opposition to the re-release of the fossil: “The future of Ravenna will be assumed for the coming decades, inextricably linked to the consumption of an expensive, outdated and dangerous idea without giving a solution to current energy problems. Only through the immediate transition to renewable energy sources can good employment and sustainable energy be achievedWe expected (or, at least we hoped) that the bulk of the self-proclaimed transition to renewables would at least depart from de Pascal’s line, and quite flattened in the fossil lobby. Impossible.

Courageous and 5 Stars climb onto the mirrors in order to form phrases accompanied by phrases that support the mayor’s line. brave: “We are with the mayor in denouncing the complete absence of a national energy strategy, in the name of environmental sustainability, and energy security, to reduce dependence on Russia.“. 5 stars: “We accept the appeal of Mayor de Pascal on the issue of energy and the need to promote a national strategy that addresses the difficulties that look to the future, and overcomes the inertia and skepticism of the Draghi government.For Heaven’s sake, some distinctions manage to stutter, but the gist of the mayor’s support comes through loud and clear. Even with some differences. The Five Stars, at least, recalls, “that among the supposed exceptional solutions only actions focused on green energy can It represents the future as well as the present in which we must invest.” But courage preserves everything: “It is necessary for Italy to maintain its share of national gas production“No lumps even at ‘new extraction points’. Also green light for gas-to-gas regasification using”current floating solutions“Only a CO2 dump is capable of raising, if not opposing, at least some vague doubts, but they do not go beyond a few questions arising from the opacity of the ENI’s design (“We do not know its technical characteristics“).

It is clear that there is no opposition from the opposition in the Council: in fact, there are no differences between the center-right and the center-left on this issue (and about basic liberal beliefs).

However, it is not true that Ravenna is united behind the mayor. In contrast to the majority represented in the Council and the pseudo-opposition, there is a real nationality that has been and continues to be expressed opposition To solutions that lead the planet and Ravenna itself to no future. Like Ravenna in the municipality, we remain in good company to fend off yet another attack by the fossil lobby. Together with citizens, political organizations outside the council, and local and national associations, we are promoting the candidacy of Ravenna as the capital of green chemistry and renewable energy.”

Ravenna in the municipality

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