Sixteen university professors are among the best scientists in the world in

RENDE (CS) – The University of Calabria will house a center for one of 11 Italy-funded innovation ecosystems Pnrr, with the aim of imparting avant-garde skills and excellent knowledge to the territory to promote its development. The project was born out of collaboration between public universities in the two regions and CNR offices, endorsed by Presidents Occhiuto and Bardi and involving a wide network of public and private subjects. In the past few hours, the Ministry of Universities and Research, which promoted it, has reached a very high rating: the second best in Italy.

Before Calabria-Lucan’s proposal he is, on the one hand, the only one who arrived from Emilia-Romagna. Instead, it follows the projects of Lombardy, Tuscany, Piedmont, Lazio, Veneto. Not only: Unical’s proposal is in the first place in terms of scientific objectives and quality From a research program that – on a par with Bologna and Sassari – for the expected impact on the territory (here is the final ranking). The assessment passed four ecosystems in all approved regions in the south: in addition to Calabria Basilicata, Sardinia, Abruzzo, Marsh, Umbria and Sicily.

We now proceed to the second stage of the procedure, with the submission of the full proposal, and negotiation with the Ministerial Committee, for the exact determination of the contribution, which will be able to award up to 120 million euros out of 137 full investments.

As part of the project who will participate More than 850 teachers and researchersNew employees will also be hired. In particular, it is envisaged to recruit 163 fixed-term researchers and activate 113 industrial PhD positions.

Lyon “The result was obtained thanks to the synergy between the universities”

“A proposal dedicated to innovation, starting from Calabria and Basilicata, ranks first in Italy: an exceptional result, achieved thanks to the synergy between universities and Cnr and the important support of regional presidents, whom I thank for their trust – commented the President of the Unical University Nicola Leone – it confirms that in the south there is no There is a lack of excellence and that when you are a team, you can achieve exceptional goals. I am particularly satisfied, because it is a project that aims to develop and innovate the territory and will have a tangible impact on our societies.”

Bringing together the professions of the Territory and the challenge of digital and environmental transformation, proposal by Calabria and Basilicata – titled Tech4YouTechnologies for adapting to climate change and improving quality of life It aims to reverse the course of two historically backward regionsIntervention in emergency situations, exacerbated today by climate change, to improve the quality of life of citizens, innovate the social and economic fabric, create new job opportunities, and enhance the resilience of fragile lands because they are exposed to natural and human hazards.

What are the areas of research?

Tech4You’s research areas include Clean energy, smart agriculture, cultural heritage protection, environment and health protection. The goal is to build a model of sustainable economic growth, enhancing the specificities of Calabria and Basilicata and making them a reference point for the relaunch of southern Italy, with great emphasis on prevention, risk control, and the digital revolution.

Great importance is given to the activities of technology transfer and public participation, and therefore to the process that allows the research results obtained in the laboratories of the university to “enter” companies, society, the lives of citizens or to directly become a business, with the birth of start-ups and spin-offs. More than 6 million euros allocated to technology transfer.

A portion of the loan, exceeding €22 million, will also be allocated to “cascading” tenders, or tenders open for the participation of local SMEs. The research program is coordinated by Professor Maurizio Mozubaba, Rector’s delegate to the Transfer of Technology Nicolas Leon, in collaboration with the field of Research, Innovation and Social Impact at Unical, who oversaw the important proposal formulation stage. Project activities will start on July 1 and must be completed within 3 years.

What are ecological innovation systems

Ecosystems are networks of universities, public research bodies, local public bodies, and other highly qualified and internationally recognized public and private entities, which aim to promote Technology transfer and digital transformation acceleration Corporate production operations with the aim of economic and environmental sustainability and social impact on the territory. The available resources will fund applied research activities, training to reduce the imbalance between skills required by companies and those offered by universities, transfer of research results to the company, and support for the creation and development of start-ups and spin-offs.

Innovation System in Calabria and Basilicata

Inspired by the global challenge ‘Adaptation to Climate Change’, Tech4You . covers The various strategic areas of the national research program, Such as environment, energy, cultural heritage protection and digital transformation.

There are five lines of research through which the program is developed. The project aims to mitigate the impact of climate change on the natural environment by developing early warning technologies, integrating satellite technologies, managing critical infrastructures, piloting nature-based solutions and improving water purification. On the energy front, the focus will be on reducing dependence on fossil fuels through the development of technologies for decarbonization and waste reuse.

Great attention is also paid to the agricultural sector, which is an important sector for the economy of Calabria and Lucani: the program aims to improve the resilience of the agri-food system through the development of technologies for smart farming, sustainable models for the agri-food industry and the promotion of waste.

Moreover, in order to mitigate the impact of meteorological events on cultural heritage and facilitate access to it, monitoring actions are planned, forecasting models are developed, and assistive technologies are used (eg robots, sensors, augmented reality). Finally, the program aims to Building resilient societies and enhancing the well-being of citizensThrough health monitoring tools and product development (nutritional, cosmetics, wearables) with therapeutic potential.


The structure of the ecosystem includes a hub, with coordination functions, and a series of speakers (6 in the Calabria and Basilicata project) that will deal with research activities.

At Tech4You, the hub includes, along with Unical, the University of Magna Graecia in Catanzaro, the University of Mediterranean Studies of Reggio Calabria, the University of Basilicata, the National Research Council, the Calabria Region, the Basilicata Region, the Arpacal, the Arpab and the Lucanian Agency Development and Innovation in Agriculture, Agricultural Research and Analysis Council for Agricultural Economics, Pollino National Park Authority, National Microcredit Agency, Third Sector Forum, Southern Apennine Province, Calabria Verde Agency, Aspromonte National Park Authority, Silla National Park Authority, Entopan Innovation, which will participate Also in activities happening.

Furthermore, several companies such as Engineering, Tim, Biotecnomed Scarl, EIT Manufacturing, RINA Consulting, Techfem, EPITECH and Ntt Data are participating in the speaker activities as Affiliate Partners.

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