Solana retreats for a week | What happens to the network and $SOL

Solana Scalable to infinity or almost? The solution to a busier network than Ethereum? Unfortunately, it will be something to verify by sometimesgiven that the network one dollar He has big problems.

Technically important problems that forced Reboot, a situation which has already occurred several times in the past and which has clearly given way to a whole series of controversies, particularly from critics of the project. But what happened Solana? What is interesting to know for those who have investIs it in the process of doing so, or is it looking for alternatives?

Solana still has problems: How concerned?

We will try to assess the situation, a situation that worries many while for others physiological For an enterprise, although it has a large market capitalization, it is still relatively young.

Solana drops for the seventh time in a year

For those who like to keep accounts, remember that they exist Seventh time that network He’s had such problems over the course of a year, a number he’s sure he can handle panic Most of them, especially among those who have no idea what is happening.

What happened this time? Between Saturday and Sunday, in the middle of the night, they arrived on the net about 4 million deals Related candy machineproject NFT Which specifically turns Solana. calendar? congested network and inability to pass your transactions e de facto The network is down. Now the problem is back, with the network back to working like before.

At the moment it is impossible to talk about the Ethereum Killer, even if…

Of course, those who never believed in the possibility will have a good match now Solana He might already be worried Ethereum. All the under That the ecosystem collected last year was not an excellent business card, although it can probably be considered physiological A project that is still new.

However, even in this case, there are probably more profound considerations to be added to understand where we are really in this situation:

  • Ethereum had major problems at the same time

with the Outlay Sprayed to unimaginable levels in conjunction with the long-awaited launch of NFT Otherdeed verb by Othersidevirtual plots of land in one of metaverse Most anticipated of the year. Of course, Grid didn’t stop and didn’t need to RebootBut he nevertheless repeated what was his most problematic aspect.

  • Solana’s lenders admit that…

…there is a lot of room for improvement from a technical point of view. It’s something that was also confirmed at the beginning of the year Sam Bankman FriedLeader FTX and thus from one of the groups most closely related to Solana and its future developments.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin customers are laughing out loud

In the last few hours, we have been reporting on this because communities are one of the most important aspects of the crypto world, Twitter It was literally submerged me meof extremist origin Bitcoinwho mocked another problem in the house Solana.

Which will put an end to the fierce competition between the world Bitcoin – With precise, non-negotiable design options – and a world decentralized finance Based on dabs who, by focusing on scalability, give up a little bit of everything else and then find themselves managing problems like this.

Is Solana a dead project?

No, and he will not die even if problems of this kind reappear. The protocol certainly has enormous room for improvement, as well as a lot of work to be done to achieve what it promised.

But since there are venture capitals and investors of this caliber, we are relatively confident that it will continue its way to the top of the crypto world through capitalization. With the need, which we also create for us, to work a lot on the technical side of the work of the network, which so far left much to be desired.

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