Technical error, the game must be restarted

In the end, Farr wasn’t around in the county square. So we had the address The match between Carignano and Albese From Group D of the regional under-19, it was won by the hosts Aldo De Vincenzo by a score of 1-0, but it was marked by the controversial episode that took place in the minutes of the final match where, after a penalty kick, they invaded the accuracy area. Instead of having to answer the penalty though The referee whistles a free kick in favor of the defending team, effectively retraces its steps, cancels the maximum penalty kick and the goal.. Just as it happens in Serie A, what appeared to be a call from Var from the stands had the error ‘nulled’, only because slow motion on the pitch in regional leagues does not exist and Law 14 of the football game does not want the indirect free kick after the invasion. during the penalty kick. There is only one method, which was officially announced in the latest press release: Technical error, Carignano-Albese must be restarted.

Episode and explanation

All this happens in the 33rd minute of the second half. Between Carignano and Albese, the score is fixed at 1-0 and Langhe presses to find par. alternative Adam’s herbal He enters the penalty area and deals with goalkeeper Carignano Christian Tosco Race Director for the Meeting, Cannone di Nichelino, Allocates a penalty kick for Albus. However, the red and white ranger Clearly interferes with the ballBut the referee is irreversible in his choice and Moataz Hamisa already has the ball in his hand to take the penalty kick. Glacial, an Albessi player caught, but not a few seconds passed, and incredibly, The referee awarded an indirect free kick to Carignanocanceling the target and already tracking its steps.

Farr did not interfere, and no one whistled to the young Nickelino in his choice. It’s about the truth From one wrong decision, continue with another wrong decisionBecause at the moment of the penalty kick it is called a free kick to invade the penalty area. Rule 14 of Giuoco del Calcio, that of the penalty kick, reflects on a series of behaviors based on what is happening in the area and in the case of Carignano, where there was a conquest by attacking and defending players, The free kick should have been repeated.

Football Penalty RulesLaw 14 of Football: All Possibilities in the Case of a Penalty

Hence the technical error, because choosing to give a free kick in favor of the defending team It is permissible only in the event of an illegal trick by the perpetrator of the penaltyWhich Hamsa did not do during the execution of the sentence.


Follow-up to the press release published on May 3, regional sports judge, attorney Chiara Loudy,In view of the complaint submitted by ASD ALBESE CALCIO by certified e-mail […]in which the regularity of the match that took place on 30/04/2022 against ASD POLISPORTIVA CARIGNANO was disputed. […], due to a technical error by the referee; – With a score of 1 to 0, the referee awarded a penalty kick in favor of ASD ALBESE CALCIO, converted by the player responsible for serving, but Canceled due to foul invading the penalty area. However, the sentence, instead of repeating the punishment, He restarted the game with an indirect free kick to ASD POLISPORTIVA CARIGNANO, thereby violating rule n. 14 of the football game“.

According to the applicant, The referee would have admitted his technical error at the end of the match; Therefore, as the match manager acknowledged the error, and considered that this error had effectively affected the smooth running of the match. decides to accept the appeal of ASD ALBESE CALCIO, as incorporated; to repeat the race“.

unlike Spezia Lazio from the Italian Serie A, where despite Var and despite the fourth official, the offside Acerbi (who then scored the decisive goal 3-4, editor) was not punished, here the technical foul was traded. If this were not the case in Serie A, the so-called “obvious mistakes” could be avoided. It may happen that the youth whistleAt the beginning of his career, can make mistakes. On the other hand, acknowledgment of one’s own fault, which is inconspicuous for a boy at the beginning of his career, who would surely benefit even from a complex afternoon like this one, must be appreciated.

recovery and classification

How is the ranking of group D under 19 years old changing? at the moment Carignano is still out of the playing areabut obviously with a lower match Near Bedona in eighth placeas well as a high risk of re-entry into conflict gameplay. On the other hand, Albese has a chance to beat competitorsYou play against Carignano in a game that now takes on a more significant flavor. date then inMay 11 at 8:30 pmThe date selected for redemption of the bid.

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