University of Trento: here is the strategic plan to 2027



Three areas, four main themes and 52 works, a summary of 178 proposals from the university. These are some numbers Strategic Plan 2022-2027 of the University of Trento For the period 2022-2027.

the document, formulated by The President of the University with the Academic Senate Based on the general criteria and financial constraints set by the University’s Board of Directors, it is the result of just over a year of listening and discussion within the academic community and with the local area.

Adopted by the Academic Senate on April 27 and approved by the Board of Directors on April 28, today for the Strategic Plan is a day Overview of the university community of Palazzo Prodi in streaming. The university president explains the contents Flavio Diflorian With the Vice Rector for Planning and Resources Andrea Fracassowho oversaw the process of developing the plan with the university’s vice president for education, Paola Vinotti, and the university’s vice president for research Francesca Demichelis.



For size, efficiency and flexibility UniTrento It aims to become a laboratory for innovation. Like a map, the document sets out the main goals and lines of action that will guide the choices made by the University of Trento over the next six years. In it converge Contributions from the university community and stimuli that emerged from the comparison with the region.

Compared to the previous plan, the Strategic Plan 2022-2027 is based on To make the university evolve along with a context undergoing profound change. You will benefit from what has been developed with the previous strategic plan and the accumulated experience to deal with the events of recent years. The pandemic, which forced the university to suddenly rethink to ensure the continuity of teaching even in health emergencies, on the one hand, and the unexpected opportunities it opened National Recovery and Resilience PlanOn the other hand, they learned how valuable a dynamic approach to medium and long-term strategies is.

if, therefore, The goal is to strictly maintain the quality cycle at UniTrentothe 52 strategic lines and actions that contribute to its realization, as well as the resources allocated to individual activities at the end of the first three years, and then in the following years, they can be updated and reconfigured, based on the evolution of the situation and the development of activities.



Up to €10 million in the first three years and equivalent funds in the second three years of the budget which also boosts the investments made in the university through Carretro Foundation and the Ministry of University and Research.

structure In the nearly 120 pages (between Part One of 45 and Part Two of 75) of the University of Trento Strategic Plan 2022-2027, the mission and vision of the University of Trento are outlined along the lines of three strategic areas, four main axes and two enablers, broken down into 52 actions.

The three strategic areas: teaching, research, and the third message The document identifies three strategic areas. The first is about teaching For good training, attention to the needs of the university community. Among the objectives are teaching innovation which means innovating methods, methodologies, contents and environments and promoting the use of technology; but also to link teaching and research more closely. The goal is to strengthen the Competence Center for Teacher Training and Instructional Innovation (FormID) to promote training, experimentation, and reflection on new, inclusive and flexible participatory practices.

The second is about research. The objectives are to enhance the quality in relation to the best international standards. encourage participation in national procedures (eg Pnr and Pnrr); Strengthening and renewal of the university research system (support functions, adaptation of the technological infrastructure); Make the University of Trento a national and international reference point on issues of research integrity, open data and open science; UniTrento positioning among national and international references for innovation and the synergistic relationship between research and entrepreneurship.

Finally, the third letter indicates the university’s commitment to supporting the region and the community In the process of development and maturity based on the principles of sustainable growth and innovation on a large scale. To relaunch the university’s role as a strategic partner for the world of regional schools, the Teacher Training and School Relations (Firs) schedule will be utilized as a space to share strategies and best practices, in collaboration with FormID. UniTrento also considers it necessary to enhance the clarity of its research findings and work to build “Scientific citizenshipFounded on common knowledge.

Four themes: Well-being, Skills, Life Sciences and Medicine, Sustainability The four main themes in the document are called “strategic groups“.

Starts from CareIntensive as a promotion and guarantee of justice, equality and inclusion in the entire university community. This is why we invest in the indicated stocks individual and organizational well-being; in advisory and support services; in promoting organizational socialization; In ensuring healthy, inclusive and safe spaces. Another goal is to develop good practices for dissemination at the national level.

Then we move to skillsfor the contribution of UniTrento to the training of students for the world of work, to the strengthening of the training of university staff (teachers, administrative technicians, managers), and to the expansion of the offer and educational activities for continuing training of professions.

Objectives to be achieved and which will be consolidated School of Innovation and FormID (Centre of Competence for Teacher Training and Educational Innovation), but new doctoral research initiatives will also be supported in collaboration with private subjects or with public administration to promote economic development and the production system, through research in companies, promotion of technology transfer activities and the development of research results. Innovative training solutions such as micro-certifications and digital badges will also contribute to this, along with activities based on response to emerging challenges based on challenges.

Top Life sciences and medicine The University of Trento wishes to promote high-quality training activities in the field of human health, starting with the completion of a single-cycle Master’s degree in Medicine, surgery and health professions, until the expansion of training activity for other health professions in cooperation with academic partners and institutions. The university also aims to become a national reference point for technological and interdisciplinary innovation in the medical field, underlining the interest in the transfer of knowledge and skills.

Other goals: To promote interdisciplinary approaches and contributions, favor dialogue between the different competencies existing within the University and contribute to the development of a regional technology center for life sciences with the Autonomous Province of Trento.

to me SustainabilityUniTrento intends to coordinate the various activities of the University in the field of environmental transformation and sustainable economics through an interdisciplinary approach to energy and the environment; training of experienced professionals in the field of sustainability; developing environmental awareness and raising awareness among the population of the need for ecological transformation; Create a new university sustainability plan. Also for this reason, there is a project to create a gathering and skills center around the issues of the Green DealEuropean Union on Energy Environment and Climate Activating the training of school system teachers on environmental and sustainability issues and promoting citizenship initiatives.

The Enabling Factor: Internationalization and Techniques The first transversal element is internationalization, understood as the ability to enhance international cooperation and the attractiveness of the University of Trento in terms of human and financial resources. The second enabler relates to the infrastructures and technologies of the dynamic university, which includes both the adaptation of operations for the purpose of progressive digitization and a new building plan.



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