What cryptocurrencies to buy in 2022? Chromia towards prosperity!

If we talk about Emerging Cryptocurrencies And the explosives we can’t miss chromaticthe digital currency of the blockchain chain of the same name.

This cryptocurrency is currently marked with the extension uptrend in the markets and has its potential in the ecosystem it supports: the Chromia blockchain.

It’s the blockchain open sourcewhere developers can create decentralized apps freely and have privacy: they do not depend on PoW nor on POS, It is one independent layer or it can act as the second layer of another blockchain.

In other words, it is a highly interoperable blockchain, because it can operate independently, but also communicate with other blockchains such as Ethereumso as to alleviate one of the biggest problems associated with this technology, i.e. The impossibility of dialogue between different platforms.

This blockchain contains its native cryptocurrency Chroma (CHR)The cryptocurrency, which was launched in 2019, has been on the rise since 2021 and until now as the situation of crypto assets is not the best in the markets, it has continued to rise.

The price increase is also due to the growing popularity of Chromia in particular for developing new frontiers of blockchain technology, Play to earn video games Based on metaverse, Also thanks to the privacy of trouble-free communication with Ethereum.

Let’s see what are the characteristics of this cryptocurrency, which is rather new in the markets with an age of less than three years, and also what are its potentials Rising prices Short-term.

Online Markets Provides us with technical analysis of the price Cryptocurrency Chromia Together with short and medium term projections, in a YouTube video we recommend watching:

What is Chromia: From Cryptocurrency to Blockchain

there Chromia Cryptocurrency (CHR) In listing on exchanges since June 2019 it is considered a rising star among crypto assets. In fact, when judging a new icon, what to consider to assess its potential is the project it was born into and the ecosystem it supports.

In the case of the cryptocurrency Chromia, it was born as the original digital currency, that is, on which the exchanges are based on the blockchain of the same name, and therefore it is called Utility symbol.

The Chromia blockchain was created precisely with the intention of making up for it disadvantages of its competitors, It is an open source platform that allows developers to build their own decentralized applications.

Chromia has some Privacy We are going to deepen it, because the fate of its native cryptocurrency CHR also depends on the potential of the project as a whole.

Chromia, the cryptocurrency that says no to both Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS)

Let’s start with the so-called consent protocol, and this is how he uses it blockchain Validation of transactions made within it.

Initially, blockchains were used almost exclusively Proof of Work (PoW)where to verify the correctness of cryptocurrency transactions, there are a series of powerful and very expensive computers that solve arithmetic operations.

Due to its high environmental impact and high commission costs, a different validation protocol is increasingly preferred over PoW which is Proof of Stake (PoS), Where for a user to become a node, i.e. a validator of transactions on the blockchain, no powerful hardware is required, but the user has a large amount of the original cryptocurrency.

chromatic In this he moves away from the mass of competitors because he uses neither one nor the other. Both protocols in the opinion of the development team have some problems, first of all a little “decentralization”, This is the risk that with these systems, a small group capable of, for example, investing in PoW hardware or point-of-sale cryptocurrencies, can control the platform.

Chromia uses a hybrid consensus protocol, but is based on a protocol Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BTF); The system as a whole can be compared to cloud computing.

Chroma: Paradoxical Blockchain. First and second layer, as needed

Another feature of chromatic Is to be contradictory, sometimes pretending to First class independent or from second layer from another blockchain.

This is Chromia, which is one standalone blockchain (mainchain), it can also become one side chain From another Blockchain, i.e. it can operate independently or connected to another platform.

This feature gives Chromia high versatility as digital assets can be used in both blockchains.

Chromia coin itself is designed as a file ERC-20 codeIt is able to work on both Chromia and Ethereum.

Why is Chromia among the emerging cryptocurrencies and what are the reasons to buy the token

With a price included of 0.05 euros, the cryptocurrency chromatic It currently has a market value of approx 0.33 EUR per unit (CoinMarketCap).

Anyway, if we analyze the market trend, the other direction upside down The cryptocurrency skip has been active since last year, when the platform also started hosting very interesting and promising projects such as my neighbor Alice And for the significant expansion of the catchment area, as well as the growing popularity of the metaverse and NFT is gaining more and more.

Chromia is actually a blockchain designed for various uses and highly interoperable with other platforms, but it was implemented with the specific purpose of hosting “Metaversi”, These are the virtual realities: from explorable worlds to Play to earn video games.

This is also one of its strengths because it connects to a growing market of metaverses on the blockchain where graphic resources are located NFT The economic system is based on cryptocurrencies.

Token utility predictions for this blockchain They are definitely on the upside and categorize it as one of the cryptocurrencies ready to explode.

On which cryptocurrency exchange can you buy Chromia (CHR)

Regarding buying cryptocurrency chromatic This can be found in listings on all major Central Exchanges (CEX) including Binance And Queen Piece.

Instead, CHR is a token ERC-20 Which can be purchased on Decentralized Exchange (DEX) platforms that support these tokens, including well-known ones Uniswap, Where the exchange address is: 0x8a2279d4a90b6fe1c4b30fa660cc9f926797baa2.

Advantages of Staking Chromia (CHR) Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency holders chromatic They will also have the ability to snap up a certain amount on the platform, implemented for support Mitamsk.

As for the mask From a conceptual point of view, it means a mechanism that allows users to prove their participation in the system, in this case to prove that they possess a certain amount of Cryptocurrency Chromia.

From a practical point of view, staking is the ability to limit a certain amount in cryptocurrency and receive rewards, from the percentage that is paid regularly to the possibility of exercising judgment, That is, to be called upon to express themselves about the future directions that the network will have to take.

with the mask On the one hand, passive income is generated from the sole possession of cryptocurrencies, and on the other hand one is actively involved in the network.

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