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On the basis of the governmental guidelines established by the Interministerial Committee for Policies on Space and Aviation Research and on the basis of its statutes, among other things, the task of promoting, developing and disseminating science and technologies and their applications. .

As part of its outreach activities, ASI undertakes the task of promoting and developing initiatives of a grassroots nature to disseminate and knowledge of corporate activity carried out in the aviation sector.

In this context, ASI has, over the years, organized traveling thematic exhibitions and events in collaboration with museum entities located on national and European territory and intends to link space research and its impacts to sustainable development (SDGs, SDGs) with reference to the goals of the 2030 Agenda.

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Italian museums are invited to cooperate with ASI

ASI is interested in collaborating with museum institutes operating on the national territory to define a joint multi-year communications plan aimed at promoting ASI’s activities and projects and public initiatives related to the theme of space, ensuring that these activities are included in museum contexts as diverse as art, philosophy, history, cinematography, music, etc.

The objective of this collaboration is to develop a joint medium/long-term communication strategy which, through collaboration with museum institutions, sees space at the heart of a multi-year program of activities (2021-2023) with the aim of:

  • promoting space activities and placing them in a broader, more detailed and interdisciplinary context and making science and technologies available to the general public and younger generations;
  • linking science and technologies to other cognitive contexts, art, philosophy, etc.;
  • informing and reporting on the usefulness of space technologies and applications;
  • To promote meetings to clarify long-term strategies and projects in the sector and the latest developments in scientific and technological research;
  • Stimulate young people’s interest in STE(A)M (i.e. science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and arts) subjects through non-formal education projects;
  • Enhancing the important role of space technologies and activities for the benefit of citizens. The joint initiative, the subject of cooperation, will be implemented in the following ways:
  • The ASI and the Museum Foundation will identify individual executive projects, and together identify issues to be disclosed to the public that may be of common interest;
  • ASI will provide proprietary images and films, as well as science communications and communications, to create useful interdisciplinary materials for narrating science, technology, and space along with various forms of art and knowledge;
  • The Museum Foundation will provide the rooms of its structure and the ability to publish to a large audience, to create a visual path and a joint publication on the chosen topic from year to year;

    Cooperation will not be stressful, as there is no exchange of funds between the two parties.

    Museum institutions interested in establishing the objective of cooperation for this initiative with ASI can send their expression of interest to the PEC address:

    The collaboration will then be formalized through the exchange of letters between ASI and the Museum. The head of the procedure is Dr. Fabrizio Zucchini

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