Aston Martin appoints Felisa as new CEO and Fedeli Cto

leadersAston Martin It decided to rely on two big names in the Italian auto industry to implement its relaunch plan and electrification strategies. In fact, the board of directors appointed Amedeo Felisa as the new CEO. Not only. Roberto Fedeli also arrived at Gaydon: the engineer was assigned the role of chief technical officer.

Moers is on her way out. Felisa, the great hero in the re-release of the wild horse under the presidency of Montezemolo, replaces Tobias Morse, who left the helm of Aston Martin after just two years working at Gaydon. The German director, the former technical director of Mercedes-AMG, will leave his posts immediately, but will remain with the company until July to secure a move with Felisa. The Milan CEO, who recently left the position of Special Adviser to Silk-Faw, will take on the task of implementing the recovery plan, which has been launched At the beginning of 2020 With the transfer of control to the consortium of investors led by Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll, and above all the process of electrification of the scale. To this end, he will be able to rely on Fedeli’s superb technical skills. Even the engineer, known for some high-impact cars like Ferrari LaFerrari and Alfa Romeo Giulia, left Sino-US joint ventureShows how the project to establish a new car factory a Reggio Emilia Facing some operational difficulties.

new organization. Fedeli will be just one of the news coming to Gaydon. In fact, Aston Martin has entrusted the Felisa with the task of leading a new organizational structure and, in particular, expanding the technical team by strengthening internal profiles and hiring external specialists. And strengthens the appointments, among other things, the patrol of Italian directors at the head of British car companies after the arrival of the former Lamborghini, Massimo Fumarola, in Morgan. The appointment of Phylissa also confirms rumors circulating in recent months about Moers’ increasingly precarious situation due to the lack of improvement in the financial performance. In January, rumors emerged that the search for a new CEO had begun. However, the Italian boss has never appeared among the likely candidates to take over the Aston Martin presidency, unlike managers such as Stephen Armstrong, the former head of Ford Europe.

Stroll comment. However, Aston Martin offered no explanations for Moers’ departure, merely emphasizing the need to appoint a new CEO to usher in a phase of growth and development. Stroul thanked the German CEO for his work, highlighting improvements in the “company’s operational performance” and “key new product launches”, but highlighting the company’s need to enter a “new phase of growth. With a new management team and new structure to ensure our goals are achieved” . He added: “Our new organization will support the company to its full potential, encourage greater cooperation, and a more coherent way of working, both internally and externally, particularly with our strategic partners, including Mercedes-Benz AG. Accelerate technology transfer programs with the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One team. I am pleased. Amedeo has accepted my CEO position.” “With Roberto’s appointment, we are adding another world class name to our team. This will help us achieve our future strategy, focusing on technological developments and our in-house engineering capabilities, as we move towards electrification. Roberto is a co-creator and team builder. He has created some of the world’s most desirable high-performance sports cars. His extensive experience in the field, along with his leadership style, will greatly contribute to shaping our exciting portfolio of future products and will revitalize our technical team,” continued Strul, expressing finally his confidence in Pete Gaydon’s “medium and long-term prospects.”

Felisa’s words. Felica, who is back at the helm of a car company, was stuck in a Seven years Farewell to Maranello. However, the Italian CEO isn’t exactly a new face for Gaydon, having served as a board member and chair of the product strategy committee last year. “We have a clear goal of continuing the transformation of Aston Martin into a luxury, high-performance brand and becoming a leader in our industry,” added Felica. “We have a tremendous opportunity to shape and enhance the uniqueness of future Aston Martin products and to further enhance our attractiveness by leveraging the introduction of new technologies, electrification, connectivity and innovative materials.” The appointment of Felica and Fideli illustrates how Ferrari is the absolute and essential point of reference for the entire luxury sector. In February, Aston Martin entrusted Marco Mattiacci, already the number one Maranello North American subsidiary and Scuderia Team Principal, as Sales Director.

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