Bitcoin Margin Call MicroStrategy | Pandora’s chest will open in…

Since when micro . strategy started in Accumulate BitcoinThere are many prophets of doom who from time to time have tried to refer to price from BTC dollars Which the company should carry under it books at Tennis Court.

The consensus, in a vacuum, seems to $21,000 About the price, below which the creditors of the company can stand and claim coverage of certain debt positions. Technically almost one margin call (who does not know what it is will find an explanation in this particular), which nevertheless, at least in our opinion, should only reach levels much lower than $21,000.

Margin call for MicroStrategy? Here’s when and how

Levels that are going to be tough anyway Bitcoin It will reach, given that even at a very complicated stage for the markets, it is still at levels close to it 40 thousand dollars. We can invest with eToroGo here for a free virtual account with all the best tools – A broker that offers us the best financial tools for short trading on BTC dollars.

We also have a chance to do that automated trading with the CopyTraderwhich presents copy One of the best websites with just one click. And for those who want to match the investment in Bitcoin For what is offered in the crypto and non-cryptocurrency markets, there is also smart walletswhich allows you to invest in pattern baskets ETF But at no additional cost. With $50 We can then switch to a real account.

$21,000 MicroStrategy Liquidation: How Credible Is It Minimum?

Should be the background of the story Clear For everyone. micro . strategyIt is a public shareholding company that owns Michael Saylor Like Executive DirectorOver time, a large amount of Bitcoinsome bought a religionwith the gods corporate bonds Which has its own guarantees BTC dollars Which will expire a few years from now.

In such a case, with the attitude religion For society which is relatively important, we have long talked about the possibility of margin call to micro . strategy Resolve price limits to Bitcoin. According to various experts, which was also indirectly confirmed by the company, the price level will soon $21,000. In other words, this price limit has been reached micro . strategy You’ll actually have to supplement their sites with new money.

It could also be that, again in a vacuum, that is the case. Even if there are other considerations that must be made to actually assess the position of the company.

  • She has big cash on hand

that would have already had to buy others Bitcoin. This means that any price drops from Bitcoin – which to us seems particularly unlikely given the current market conditions there Flexibility illustrated by BTC dollarsaccompanied by other purchases that will lower the average price there MSTR She got her bitcoins. Thus lowering the average value at which it will be ‘filtered’.

  • Someone is talking about a big accident

That is, a more credible threshold if around 3000 DollarsAnd an unbelievable price! Bitcoin will ever approachat least in the world real possibilities. In that case they would be right A big problem not only for micro . strategyBut for all companies in the sector directly or indirectly. Let’s limit ourselves to these Listed on the stock exchangeWe’ll have a big problem marathonto all other participants in the Bitcoin mining At the industrial level as well as in relation to eg Queen Piece. Also given the exposure of several banks in a cascade, it would be a financial disaster of significant proportions.

Yes, MSTR can sleep peacefully

That’s at least our conclusion after studying the company’s books, and now it’s more relevant to stock Bitcoin He put it in his stomach for his main work.

All this, we repeat, in one stage is not exactly brilliant to Bitcoin, with a price level, if the market reverses trend, it may soon seem like a distant memory. yes, micro . strategy It sits on an important treasury of the best trading assets for the medium and long term. And that’s what we have to deal with, rather than stubborn margin call calculations that will never come in handy.

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