He is only interested in “wheat”, Juventus does not make two passes in a row

The former footballer explains why (according to him) the current coach is not the right person (to reopen) the winning cycle with Juventus: “He is only good at managing the group. When there is a need to rebuild, he gives you nothing and Juventus does not know how to play football” .

Antonio Cassano attacks with his head down (also) Massimiliano Allegri from Juventus.

can not be contained. free. He doesn’t care about the strange effect that makes him hear him speak very softly while calling Bobo TV. Antonio Cassano It shoots sights like popping popcorn in a frying pan. After taking aim Carlo Ancelottithe ex-footballer has his sights set on it (which is definitely not the first time this has happened) too Massimiliano Allegri. The manager of Real Madrid dropped this bad judgment on the luck that would have allowed him to proceed in the Champions League (“The donkey ends sooner or later”). Will the Livorno coach do the same?

Fantonio He attacks with his head down. You expect it from him, diplomacy has never been his forte. Either black or white, here or there. In his career, he has never known half-measures, also misses golden opportunities and innate talent. The Bianconeri have the sporting certainty of locking in the top four and playing the Champions League, and the draw for Roma in the final round of the tournament opened the doors to the cup, but for Cassano, that thing is anything but constructive.

In fact, he went so far as to say – as they say in jargon – that the cost was not worth the work and Allegri should be fired. “They say he can’t be fired because he earns €10m – statements made in the discussion with Vieri, Adani and Ventola – but I say they should do it for this very reason. But do you see what it is? Even? In January, he put Juventus 100 million more, so he will be able to take fourth place.”.

Agnelli stays in Juventus with Allegri and explains his farewell to Dybala: “It was not fair to make an offer for him”

Juventus reached the certainty of playing in the Champions League thanks to Roma's draw in the last round.

Juventus reached the certainty of playing in the Champions League thanks to Roma’s draw in the last round.

In this treasury there is also the main part invested in owning Dusan Vlahovic On the offensive, he started buying January in the rest and then dropped a bit further into the distance. Cassano has some for him, too. “Bad… in 4 months he scored 6 goals for Juventus. In Fiorentina he scored 17”. Allegri set an extra training schedule for him, stood by him and showed him the best way to control the ball and hit the net from outside the penalty area.

Cassano increases and decreases the dose sharply, starting with a difficult opinion: “Juventus can’t play football”. Having said that, he goes into detail and explains why (in his words) Allegri is not the right person to (re)open the winning cycle with Juventus. “When you need to rebuild, it doesn’t give you anything, I’ve said it since September… and it will be the same for next year unless Anneli takes other champions. Either you are a lot stronger than the others and you win or in a year you’re a stopping point. It’s He is only good at managing the group, his team plays poorly … He does not make two passes in a row.”

"Allegri should be expelled from Juventus"can not be restrained

“Allegri should be expelled from Juventus,” Cassano cannot be restrained when he talks about the Livorno coach.

Could a coach who played a leading role in Turin in a long run of victories in Italy, twice in the Champions League final, be sent off to the rank of any coach? Cassano insists, even adding that most of the advantages are not even his. “I worked on it for two years, Tassotti made the tactics, not him. And we had a team that walked alone, what are you talking about, nothing… We went out on the pitch and won the league title. Same, nothing changed, he’s only good at Group management.

The gloss is equally pungent, it touches surreal critical peaks. “Why would we give an extra year for the thousandth time to someone who doesn’t care about anything or anyone… who doesn’t care who gets the wheat. If they send him away, he’ll still have two years – a one-year contract and maybe he’s still going.. Then Roma or Lazio will lead him and he’ll continue training. Until he is 65 years old.

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