Intelligent plants for extracting minerals from the earth – energy and resources

outside the norm. Human intelligence is not unique, it may seem that there are several types, each with its own strengths, skills, and matches.

In northern Greece, specifically in the Epirus region, Someone grows metal He is experimenting with three types of shrubs identified by scientists excessive savings: plants that have evolved to develop the ability to thrive in soils rich in minerals that are toxic to most other living things. These plants They managed to extract the metal from the earth and store it In leaves and stems.

In addition to providing a source of rare metals – in this case nickel, but an over-accumulation of, among others, zinc, aluminium, cadmium and gold – these plants actively benefit the planet because Makes the soil suitable for other crops and traps carbon dioxide in the roots.

The three plants – Mural Alyssum, Leptoplax emarginata, Bornmuellera tymphaea – that are being tested in Greece are endemic to the region. But Hyperaccumulative plants aren’t the only non-human beings we can learn from. Consider, for example, mucous fungi that seem to be able to solve some mathematical problems, such as the “traveling salesman” problem – a test for finding the shortest path between different cities – faster than any supercomputer ever created. done by humans.

It has been proven that cows, sheep, dogs and other animals are capable of this earthquake forecastwhich squid and shrimp publish neurons in their bodies as well Allow the parties to act independently From a mind that controls them from the center, that spiders store information in their networks, and use it as a kind of Expanded intelligence. In addition to Plants feel and remember. In one experiment, they were demonstrated to be able to respond with chemical defenses to the specific sound of larvae chewing leaves, even if they were transmitted by means of a recording device.

From the underground to the forests we know the trade and the conversations I enjoy Trees that exchange nutrients and information Between families and species through mushroom networks. In other words, a new idea of ​​intelligence emerges from scientific research: human intelligence is not unique, but that there seem to be different types of intelligence. Which is worth protecting.


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