Is the price of gas going up? Many families go back to looking at wood and pellets

Venice – Is your gas bill increasing? So here it is Interest in wood and pellet heating systems is also growing. Data from Google Trends shows that the search engine peaked on March 12, a day when searches tripled compared to the average of the previous two months. “Thanks to the continued rise in energy and gas prices and concerns about the war in Ukraine, For many families and businesses, the choice is to search more and more for renewable energies Which today is the right answer against the climate crisis, expensive energy, speculation, and dependence on foreign supplies. Renewable sources such as wood biofuels, ancient but modern through continuous research and innovation in the sector”, for example from “Progetto Fuoco” is the most important global event dedicated to biomass heatingpromoted by Piemmeti and planned from today to Saturday at the fair in Verona, with more than 800 brands and more than 60,000 visitors expected.

The energy transition must also be economically sustainable

“The recent increase in the price of gas in the bill, which does not appear to be destined to return at least in the short term, has made it clear that the real energy transition must be sustainable not only from an environmental point of view, but also from a social and economic point of view,” he says. Raoul Barbieri, General Manager of Piemmeti. “This is born Strong consumer awareness. The market intercepts this recovery, offering solutions that increase the efficiency of factories and advance their digitization. This is the subject of technological transformation, which is necessary to replace the old and most polluting systems: that is why at the “Progetto Fuoco” center there will be the latest technologies and the most innovative solutions,” says Barbieri.

The wood biomass residential heating sector has been the main renewable energy source used in our country for years and ready to win the air quality challenge thanks to advances in technology and energy efficiency”, says Annalisa Paniz, Director General of Aiel (Italian Association for Agroforestry Energies) who has made a series of “new policy proposals to do more in this regard in the foreground, by focusing on Incentives for technology turnoverAnd Certified biofuelIncreased involvement of designers, installers and maintainers and additional commitment at the forefront of educating citizens and end-users.”

fire project

From stoves to stoves through boilers, barbecues, wood and pellet stoves: young innovators and start-ups will be at the forefront of “Progetto Fuoco”, along with large companies, who have always collaborated to develop this sector. The latter will find a place in the Innovation Village “Future Showroom” that will contain the best Italian startups, and in the second edition of the “Give Me Fire – Progetto Fuoco Startup Award”, a challenge for technological products related to the biomass heating sector. The event will also host a Hackathon, a marathon in which young innovators – students, developers and talents will participate.– He will find answers to the problems posed by three major companies in the sector such as Edilkamin, La Nordica Extraflame and Palazzetti.

But “Progetto Fuoco” is also a concern for beauty and product design. Thanks to a partnership with the blog “Fire Observer | Dedicated to design and the world of fire”, Danilo Premoli is organizing the “Prize x 2021” design award for fireplaces and stoves, awarded this year on the basis of a vote by the readers of the blog and a vote of a jury of specialist architects. Verona Furniture District, each with its own space, distinguishes its award-winning fireplaces by proposing, to each, a setting designed to enhance the product’s aesthetic characteristics and values.

ZAIA: “The stove in every home can be an alternative to paying and polluting for less”

And the Governor of Veneto Luca Zaya blesses all: “I opened the” Progetto Fuoco “in Verona. Once again, the Verona fair kicks off: 800 exhibitors, 40% of whom are foreign, expecting 60,000 visitors. In a period when we are talking about sustainability and energy independence, here we can find an alternative for expensive bills. Given the “great commotion” in the sector “that could occur, with the attendant gas crisis A basic sustainable alternative In a direction I’ve been wishing for for some time, energy independence,” Zaya hopes to “review the investment priorities for the NRP: It’s OK to beautify a village, but we must ensure that citizens stay and live in the village.” With certain bills, we do not provide a service to the citizens of that village. The stove in every home can be a viable alternative to pay and reduce pollution“.

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