Italia Brilla stops in Aosta to bring kids closer to science and space

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The Il cielo itinerante bus will be tomorrow, Thursday 5 May, at Lexert Prep School with workshops related to space and astronautics

Italia Brilla stops in Aosta to bring kids closer to science and space.

The Il cielo itinerante bus will be tomorrow, Thursday 5 May, at Lexert Prep School with workshops on space and astronautics.

Italy Shine – Constellation 2022 It is the name of the initiative promoted by the Itinerant Sky Society founded by the president Arsilia Vodo (European Space Agency’s chief diving officer), Alicia Mosca (formerly MEP and Vice President) e Giovanna Delerba (Notary and Treasurer of the Society), which aims to bring girls and boys in situations of social and economic hardship closer to the study of STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

The tour, which lasts six months in 50 Italian municipalities, will stop tomorrow afternoon Thursday 5 May, from 14 to 16:30 at Lexerte Preparatory School in the Cogne region, thanks to the cooperation with the Education Adviser of Aosta Municipality, Samuel German.


Wandering Sky aims to promote access to culture and develop critical thinking through practical workshops and innovative experiments, to guide young people in discovering scientific and technical culture so that they can present themselves in the future that their context of belonging does not allow them yet. to dream.

The idea for the project stems from the observation that even before the pandemic, girls and boys with social and economic difficulties performed lower on average in math and science, and the past two years have exacerbated these disparities.

The initiative aims to shed light on the future of these children, with the support of UNICEF, the lead partner of the project, sponsored by ASI, the Italian Space Agency and supported and is part of the joint educational program ofESA – ESA and ASI, promoted on the occasion of the Minerva mission Samantha Cristoforetti.


L ‘educational institution AndMel Lixert For the occasion, it will make its space for a training track and workshop that will include boys and girls in middle school classes.

Children will have the opportunity to participate in two hands-on workshops.

Astrokids – Astronauts for a Day It will bring you closer to the selection process to become an astronaut and to life on the International Space Station.

The second activity will look at the scientific aspect of constellations, comets, or rockets.


“The possibility of discovering the sky and bringing children closer to science through play can be profoundly transformative. Desire to move forward and imagine new horizons for oneself. Yes, a telescope can do a little magic” says the president of the association, Arsilia Vodo.

“Since ancient times, looking up and looking at the sky has been a symbol of progress, progress and curiosity. We want children to feel the same feelings when looking at the telescope and hope that this will spark in them a desire for this change, for the country and, above all, for themselves.” Alicia Mosca.

“It is important that young people have the tools to develop the ability to look at the world critically, so that they can participate in collective life in a conscious way. He concludes that among these tools, the ability to understand the language of science cannot be lost. Giovanna Delpa.


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