Mourinho’s year: From political weight to the transfer market, this is how Roma changed | first page

AS Roma is pleased to announce that Jose Mourinho will be the new coach of the first team starting from the 2021-22 seasonIt was May 4, 2021, a year after an announcement that we knew could not be like the others, but rather the beginning of a true revolution for the Gelorus. A few days have passed since the heavy defeat of Fonseca in the first leg of the Europa League (6-2 at Manchester United), one of the last disappointments of last season, the environment needed a shock and this came with Special One: in five points work in the capital.

Europe The first success on the field is the return to Rome European perspective. there Conference League It made most people turn their noses up, and the third Continental Cup didn’t have much appeal in the eyes of those who until a few years ago played in the Champions League with big names. Mourinho immediately stressed the importance of competition and spared no resources to bring in the Giallorossi One step away from the finalE: There are 90 minutes left with Leicester after the draw in England to reach the last step The chance to win an international title that Roma hasn’t won in 50 yearsfrom the 1972 Anno Italian Cup (Exhibition Cup 1960/61).

lightning parts The ascent has gone through a team re-evaluation as well as the strong choices made during the year. However, let’s forget the harsh criticism of the second line after the difficulties that emerged in the Conference League, because after weeks of adaptation, Mourinho is back in play. Team and club lightning rod. The Portuguese coach took responsibility or dismissed the referee’s decisions, even in troubled moments for the Giallorossi, he used his media skills to shift the focus of criticism and take the pressure off the Giallorossi players.

agitation – Advantages in the field, but one of the main aspects of the Morenhana revolution is related toagitation He managed to bring him back to the Giallorossi side of the capital. Fans have never been so close to the team in recent years, and a prime example was given in the last game with the team Salernoplayed between two conference challenges with Bodo/Glimt (lost the first leg, clear return in the second leg): 65,000 spectators at the Olympics, as happened in the past twenty years alone, on the occasion of the farewell to Francesco Totti and Daniele de Rossi..

market credibility Mourinho’s charm attracted a lot of fans, but also without a doubt Masked and the international market. In the summer he left Dzeko to take his place, who was focused on Roma Tammy Abraham The Englishman stressed several times the importance of Special One in his decision: he persuaded him to leave Chelsea, he persuaded him not to accept richer offers from the prime minister and move to Italy. Besides the player’s own performance, this is a sign of The credibility that Mou has been able to give to Project Rome Giving an extra boost to negotiations: that’s how they got there too Roy Patricio And Sergio Oliveirathe person who played until a few weeks ago in the Champions League against Milan, Liverpool and Atletico Madrid after the elimination of Juventus last year, thus the Giallorossi seeks to lead another important and prestigious transfer campaign in the summer.

political weight – The last piece is still a work in progressat least in part, a key that Mourinho has hit several times during the season: The political weight of the club. Lost over the years and inferior to the other great Italians, says the coach, but it is clear how the situation is changing both on and off the field. The subject of referees is the most obviousmore and more fellows were gradually added to the Mou ‘battles’ and effects were seen in the days following contested racing trends, but also in Lega Serie A it was noted how Rome gained more weight and power in crucial decisions such as Dal Pino succeeds as president of the same league. It’s been a year since that announcement, but Mourinho’s revolution in Rome is here for all to see. And that’s not all.

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