Separate room for blacks

Scandal in England after revelations of accusations of the coach abused by players using discriminatory attitudes and highly offensive terms.

The sanctity of the dressing room and the fact that what happens on the pitch has to stay on the pitch can be overshadowed by the cliched rings. L ‘England From football he finds himself dealing with the scourge of racism. He made a fuss about the case John touchesan experienced and well-known English coach who was first fired from his club and then questioned by the Football Association for a whole series of racist insults addressed to its players. What some of them revealed revealed an embarrassing situation to say the least, which could cost the director dearly if confirmed.

John Unmass is an English football association. Although not trained in the English Premier League, this class of 1959 technician and former footballer became captain of Crowley Town playing in the English Football League’s second, or fourth English football series, and third of the Football League and the League football. Another from the professional sector. Last month the manager ended up in the middle of a bad story, leaked by Sportmail which prompted the Football Association to open an investigation. A group of his players decided to denounce his alleged use of abusive, discriminatory and other language.

In short, many players revealed that the Yems abused them with racial slurs such as “Suicide bomber, “terrorist” and “Zulu”. As if that wasn’t enough, he even ran training sessions, splitting the squad and separating black players who were forced to use a separate dressing room. A situation that prompted Crawley’s US ownership, or investment group, WAGMI United, to remove the technician immediately. The coach left the team hotel at 1.30 am on the eve of the match.

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Untouched in a match against Leeds in the FA Cup

Untouched in a match against Leeds in the FA Cup

Sportsmail has collected new details of the allegations against Yems and denied them. In addition to having separate changing rooms for black players, often referred to as “Zulu warriors,” there were frequent calls for others toDon’t change in the black roomAs for the Asian players, Yems always called them terrorists, suicide bombers and curry eaters, joking that they shouldn’t be backpacking, because their teammates were considering a possible attack. Then he was banned from training with the first team without explanation just because he came from an ethnic minority background.

Seven players complained to Al-Ittihad about this situation and one of them also asked for support, after the coach’s mental health damage. In fact, many of them told in tears that they had lived through horrific situations and that they had been psychologically traumatized. A player who preferred to remain anonymous revealed to the newspaper: “We’ve been called terrorists, suicide bombers, curry eaters. He even named a Zulu warrior player. Nobody challenged him because he’s the coach and we didn’t feel we could do that. Sometimes players say things in the heat of the moment, but hearing that from the manager is different. He’s the boss, so it’s an abuse of his power. I was in a dark place and really suffered. Two players were actually expelled from the club last year for no reason. They trained alone and haven’t seen since. One guy said Yems was yelling at him, “Fuck…or, get out of our club.”

As one member of Crowley’s crew confirmed:John may see this as mockery, but race-related bullying has had a detrimental effect on many players. Some of them will play together, but it really hurts and a lot of them are kids. People were uncomfortable, but most guys decided to keep their heads down and you can see why. These are not Premier League players – they are just a setback with the manager being sent off the club and potentially leaving the professional game. If you leave Crowley, where are you going? “

If the club describes the allegations as “serious and credible”, it will be up to the football’s disciplinary department to decide whether to charge Yems with violating rule E3, which prohibits discrimination against someone else’s protected characteristics as a race. color, religion, sexual orientation, or disability. Meanwhile, the fans, after three consecutive defeats, demanded the return of the suspended coach: “We want to restore Yems“.

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