Snoop Dogg’s new NFT collection on Cardano

Source: Screenshot from video, Clay Nation / Twitter

The popular set of non-replaceable symbols (NFT) boredom monkey yacht club (BAYC) launches a series of Movie In three parts with cryptocurrency exchange Queen PieceWhile Snoop Dogg Cooperating with the NFT project Clay Nation To launch a new collection on Cardano (ADA).

The BAYC movie trilogy with Coinbase

The official Coinbase Twitter account announced the movie trilogy on Monday, saying that they are “making a three-part interactive movie with” the BAYC and Apecoin communities.

In a follow-up tweet, the exchange listed three steps that guide BAYC’s NFTs holders on how NFTs should be shown in film.

BAIC’s official Twitter account said, “We’re excited about it Queen Piece She’s doing a series of movies with BAYC COMMUNITY”, specifying that bored monkey’s NFTs will appear in the first part of the movie, while the Mutants will be shown in the second.

According to a CNET report, the movie series has been called… “Degene Trilogy” The first part of it will be shown at NFT NYC, an annual NFT event held in New York, United States, June 20-23.

“We have an amazing group of directors, writers, and animators behind this movie,” Coinbase said. “We can’t tell you who they are yet, but you’ve seen what they did before.”

The report also states that the owner of BAYC NFT, if selected to audition for the film, will receive a $10,000 license fee, paid in bitcoin (BTC) or Yuga Labs monkey coin. Yuga Labs is the team behind BAYC.

Snoop Dogg collaborates with Clay Nation

Meanwhile, the NFT Clay Nation Project announce Partnership with legendary rapper Snoop Dogg and cryptocurrency investor Champ Medici in an effort to bring users “famous collectibles, unreleased music, and a limited-edition “pitch”.

Clay Nation is an NFT suite of 10,000 digital assets with “hand-assembled” clay features. Each NFT is unique and stored on the Cardano blockchain.

At the end of March, Clay Nation anticipation Video collaboration with the founder of Cardano Charles HoskinsonAnd Snoop Dogg And Champ Medici.

Earlier this month, Hoskinson and Snoop Dogg met on Twitter to discuss music, NFT, the Cardano ecosystem, and cryptocurrency.

Meanwhile, Clay Nation also has its own metaverse project called Cleverswhich is under development.


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