The economy of space, donations and the future of crypto

yesterday , May 2it was a day wonderful life for us Official YouTube channel. It all started in 14.30When we had the honor of hosting Katrina FerraraOne of the professionals in this sector encryption The most famous and relevant in this sector.

Senior Consultant and Analyst for a critical ICT company, Katrina Ferrara was too LinkedIn Top Voice 2022is a certificate from the campaign Umberto Veronese Foundation for crypto donations and has already participated in more than 20 national and international conferences on blockchain. We had the honor of receiving her as our guest.

Our interview with Caterina Ferrara

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What we talked about with Caterina Ferrara

Free chat for 40 minuteswhere we have been honored to engage with one of the most relevant voices in the industry at Italia (as well as abroad) from various topics of great interest and interest to us as well social communication.

  • Crypto donations to the Umberto Veronesi Foundation

One of the most important foundations in our country I was born in 2003 With the will of the homogeneous founder who promotes scientific progress, mainly by providing research grants in this field Tumors. The Foundation, through an important partnership, has begun to accept Cryptocurrency to donate with Katrina Ferrara Like Celebrity endorsement. Good way to use it yourself Cryptocurrency For good reason, we show in parallel the kind heart we trust is rich in the community gathered around the world Bitcoin And encryption.

  • Public Blockchain and the European Union

Another very hot topic, especially in light of how much It happens at the legislative level. However, something is moving in the public sector, albeit with fluctuating and possibly insufficient funds. Even for those interested in this specific topic, there are more than comprehensive answers in our interview.

A world that transcends blockchain, data, patients, research and study centers. Another hot topic that, unfortunately, is said very little and has finally found some space in it YouTube channel From the first Italian site on cryptocurrency e Bitcoin.

  • Space Economy and Blockchain

Satellites, space missions and colonization of other planets. there blockchain It can also play a fundamental role in complex issues such as those related to space debris. good, Katrina Ferrara She is an expert in the sector and helped us clarify the most interesting aspects. There is just no Elon Musk In the field.

40 minutes full of information – with space also important for the King of Kings, Bitcoin – which we are talking about especially at the intersection between general and personal In our opinion it is still quite a bit.

Have we missed the train yet? Let us know yours

Topics that we were able to discuss Katrina Ferrara They are all very interesting and unusual if you want to, in a crypto space that is often quite occupied with pricing and trading issues.

In our opinion a very good time – me alone 40 minutes! – To assess the situation on how blockchain The world is changing. Both in the charitable and donation sector and in that, far but close, space and satellites in orbit. With the question who are we from But we have not yet been able to give an answer:Europe Did he really miss the train?

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