The future of NFTs in Augmented Reality (AR)!

So much attention the metaverse drew on itself after a great announcement Facebook Regarding the launch of Horizon World Virtual Reality.

But “Metaverse” It is a multifaceted term that refers to many different technologies, including video games play to earn and virtual worlds built on the Blockchain, where audiovisual resources are files in the form of Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

In fact, what do they have in common Cryptocurrencies, NFT and Metaverse It is precisely Blockchain technology that underpins all these applications which in virtual reality perfectly integrate with each other.

Due to the popularity of the topic, there are many virtual realities in the emerging stage which, by exploiting this new technology, adopt Crypto assets.

Here I will tell you about a project with incredible potential, infinite universefor both the experience offered and the opportunities to monetize using crypto resources, such as NFTs.

Starting with the order, the Infiniverse will be a metaverse, i.e. virtual reality like popular competitors like Decentraland and The Sandbox, only this project has the unique advantage that it does not offer an experience based on virtual reality (VR), but on Augmented Reality (AR).

That is, it is not what creates from zero A virtual world from scratch, but one that digitizes the real world and enriches it with virtual elements.

With Infiniverse, the first metaverse that brings NFTs to augmented reality (AR) is born

To understand what the potential infinite universe We must first of all make an introduction and clarify what it is Virtual Reality (VR) what is Augmented Reality (AR).

Video games are among the most classic examples of virtual reality, that is, a digital world designed for exploration with 3D viewer Where everything you see was created from scratch to fill this world.

Instead, there is an ever more classic example of augmented reality (AR) pokemon gowhere the surrounding reality is digital and enriched with virtual elements.

The infinite universe will be based on it Solana Blockchain It is based on augmented reality, that is, it is designed so that exploration takes place using a smartphone and where the interaction between users begins from their physical proximity.

Obviously, since this is the metaverse built on the Blockchain, digitization presupposes transformation and creation. nft files, With the possibility of trading with them.

XR4work On his YouTube channel, he gives a preview video of the beta version of the Infiniverse metaverse which we suggest seeing below:

Innovative metaverse that uses Solana Blockchain to mint an NFT. What are the benefits?

From an investment point of view infinite universe It presents itself as an original project precisely because it is the first to bet everything on reality augmented (AR).

This metaverse is built on Blockchain Solana Which is becoming more and more popular to mint the NFT coin than the more popular competitor Ethereum.

Ethereum is expected to switch to a so-called transaction verification protocol by July proof of stake, Now use proof of work, Where all transactions including NFT . mink They are in fact energy-intensive operations and to offset these costs there are high commission rates.

On the other hand, Solana is increasingly favoring Ethereum to create Metaverse minting resources NFT Because using a different protocol also has infinitely lower costs, this allows you to exchange NFT and Cryptocurrency Excluding the charges related to gas surcharges.

How Infiniverse NFTs will change with the arrival of augmented reality (AR) glasses

However, you should always remember that infinite universe It’s a metaphor for augmented reality, but it’s forward-looking, as launching a smartphone app will only be the first step. In fact, Infiniverse will constantly evolve as it aims to experience a game that fully lives only when it is technology augmented reality glasses You will have taken steps forward.

In this sense, fans of the topic are eagerly awaiting the launch of the augmented reality glasses model. apple.

The project’s white paper shows that from this point of view, the technological development of the Infiniverse still has a long way to go. Since the metaverse is designed to be explored using a smartphone or other mobile device, but aims for an immersive and stable experience, the issue of how long it will take must also be addressed. drums of devices.

Another problem related to Internet, This is because using apps that use high-resolution 3D graphics requires a huge amount of data traffic, with the risk of running out of bandwidth with a smartphone.

As for the structure, this digital reality due to its properties will be a finite universe that replicates the Earth in reality, but will offer the same classic features of the virtual worlds that we are accustomed to with the possibility of having Earth NFT inside of.

The infinite universe of NFTs is coming. What an incredible monetization opportunity!

As for the NFT The only thing we are eagerly waiting for is precisely the premiere of the sale of plots of land in the infinite universe, the so-called ground.

This kind of resource NFT Owners are allocated a personal space in the metaverse, where they can, for example, build and customize buildings.

He is also particularly resourceful profitable This is because the launch of virtual reality on Blockchain follows a classic pattern. First of all, the NFTs of the LANDs, that is, the stakes, are up for sale in a moment just before the actual launch of the platform.

In this world, who wins? Earth NFT In the first bid, you buy the resources at a price well below their market value once the project is completed.

The basic concept is that by investing in a project before it is completed, you are exposed to more risk and therefore the cost of the initial investment is lower.

The white paper informs that NFTs relating to land which are plots of land can not only be bought and sold, but also can be leased to guarantee Non-Fungible Code Create passive income for the owner.

Where to buy and sell Infiniverse NFTs

for sale NFT From the graphic resources, Infiniverse will have a full-fledged marketplace, where you can exchange non-fungible tokens.

After the first purchase, NFTs from metaverses behave like any non-fungible token, i.e. they can be transferred to your crypto wallet for trade through exchanges.

Anyway, since these NFTs are built on Solana Blockchain It must be supported by the trading platform for NFT trading to be allowed. However, in the specific case of Solana, we are facing a rising star in the world of Blockchains, and thus its compatibility is becoming increasingly higher, for example, this type of resource is now also supported by the well-known NFT exchange. open sea.

For metaverse economies, it can be used in the integrated market to buy NFT Sol, The original digital currency of Solana Blockchain or any other type of Cryptocurrency It works on the same platform.

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