The most sustainable bitcoin? Here is the new campaign promoted by Greenpeace

One of the strongest criticism To the world of cryptocurrencyBitcoin, and specifically Bitcoin, is undoubtedly related to the energy consumption needed to produce this digital currency. Aspect has had an impact from several points of view so far. Those who usually invest in Bitcoin, in fact, will certainly remember the words of the founder of the Tesla brand, Elon Musk, who decided not to accept further payments in Bitcoin, causing the price to crash, at any moment precisely because of the high rate of pollution associated with this .

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The turning point in Greenpeace

Well, it looks like something is about to change over the past few weeks. In fact, Greenpeace launched a new campaign called “change the Code not climateThe primary goal is to ensure that Bitcoin can finally become less environmentally friendly.

How can this be achieved? It appears that the key may correspond to a change in the transaction verification regime. Just think about how energy consumption is related at the moment Bitcoin production has reached levels equal to that of the entire countrylike Greece.

Crazy computer network that Allowing the world’s most popular cryptocurrency to exist, consuming huge amounts of energy. The numbers speak for themselves: every year, more energy is used than countries like Sweden or Argentina. Another problem concerns the sources that are used to obtain energy, which constitute 60% of fossil origin. Hence, a real environmental disaster.

What do you want Greenpeace to do

These are precisely the reasons why Greenpeace and other environmental associations have done so Suggest a new campaign. The goal of the latter is to demand that Bitcoin eventually become a digital currency that is less polluting and, therefore, has a lower environmental impact.

Greenpeace’s new campaign request is to try to make changes to the software that It is the basis of bitcoin. Of course, this is not the only request that has come up recently in this sense.

There are many stakeholders claiming to reduce the energy consumption and environmental impact of the entire system that allows Bitcoin production. This is also due to the fact that the gaze, dThere are alternative routes and it is not far in the air.

On the other hand, Greenpeace’s request is very specific. In fact, we are asking for changes to the program token structure of the entire ecosystem of the most popular digital currency in the entire planet. How do you change it? By choosing a blockchain validation system that aims to reduce energy consumption.

Possible solutions


Among the different options we can bet on, we definitely find a different system to try than the “word proof” that Bitcoin is using today. In this case, the alternative has a very specific name: it is “proof of stakeIt is an approach already used by lesser known cryptocurrencies. Among other things, it is a system that you will soon begin to focus on the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world, or Ethereum.

In fact, in the “Proof of Stake” approach, instead of solving complex puzzles, we go to “battle” in a lottery. In fact, miners are required to invest in cryptocurrency to save on the purchase of virtual tickets. Whoever wins gets a cryptocurrency recognition and receives a refund for the investment that was placed to participate in the draw. Thanks to this system, pollution is significantly reduced, as is the energy consumption of bitcoins.

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