The Rifugio Digitale Museum has opened in Florence, a museum of digital art

The exhibition space, located on Via della Fornace 41, has been renovated by Archea Associati and opens with a digital installation by Fabrizio Plessi, an artist known for his research on water and fire. Here is the new Florence Cultural Center

Digital Refuge, Florence credits Archea Associati

A place that remained closed for a long time, deserted, and unknown to most people, until it was auctioned off by state property: we are talking about the former Rifugio della Fornace, hidden in via della Fornace di Firenze, an anti-nuclear shelter designed in 1943 as a place To defend the bombing of World War II that has come back to life today, radically changing its model and intended use.

Fabrizio Plessi, Golden Seal of the Digital Asylum, Florence
Fabrizio Plessi, Golden Seal of the Digital Asylum, Florence

The digital asylum program opens in Florence

Transforming a place of defense into a place of vision. A space, from being a place of refuge from aggression, becomes a hope for a better life. talk Marco Casamonte from Archia Associates, the large design studio that bought and redeveloped the site (165 sq m) to transform it into a conceptual meeting and creativity space. “Here studio activities and meetings between creators, designers and architects will take place ”, Lasts. “This place’s mission is to make the imagination grow. Through this process, we also want to send a message to Florence, emphasizing the importance of strengthening the city’s gaps, and creating places designed for reflection.” like him digital shelter Presenting itself as Florence’s new space dedicated to digital art and new trends, it hosts events and performances related to art, architecture, photography, literature, cinema and any other initiative connected to the digital world. The “phygital” reality, whose activities will take place on the site but in constant contact with social channels and the website, where it will be possible to keep up to date on meetings, events and contents of exhibitions, with text and video insights to supplement the exposed material.

The work of Fabrizio Plessi who opened the Digital Asylum program in Florence

A long golden river – continuous, unforgiving – flows along the entire gallery, through 16 screens arranged along 33 meters of the tunnel: it is the digital work of Fabrizio Plessi (Reggio Emilia, 1940), who opened the digital sanctuary with He went, a work specially developed for the occasion in collaboration with Tornabuoni Arte, in which he discovered in this space of innovation the corollary of his research on technology and video art. “It is a flow turned into gold: a dream, the desire to live in a happier, golden world. It’s a flow of water and gold sailing toward infinity, and hopefully somewhere better.” The artist explained during his presentation of the new space. “It is necessary to turn technology into art, as art has no limits and allows us to live in a wonderful way. Gold represents the flow of our consciousness, our emotions and our desires. It is impossible not to delve into the unknown. If our head is opened to bigger ideas, it will never come back.” He added: “For Rifugio Digitale, I imagined a single large work that could coexist, almost biologically, with this anomalous, sensual circular architecture. The spirit of communication is the true and deep philosophy of this extraordinary place: crossing different languages ​​and experiences of the past and the future. Everything flows and goes in this funnel of time as a tireless replay of our history and our lives.”

– Julia Ronchi

Fabrizio Plessi gold
Until May 31, 2022
digital shelter
Via della Furness 41, Florence
From Monday to Friday 15.00-19.00
Saturday and the sun by appointment

Artistic events are underway in Florence

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