The Tree of Wisdom on the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Side | ‘Already heading into the mainstream’

Wisdommetryone of the leading fund managers in al Globalismlong defense of Cryptocurrency Like New asset class. A very interesting situation, especially for the ascent that this market operator can Playing sports On other operators as well as on small investors And institutional investors.

Cryptocurrencies, you say, will be one New asset class Which has now proven itself in a stable way, with people who no longer have to ignore them. An important situation that allows us, in our opinion, also to be optimistic about the future of the sector.

WisdomTree Bets on Crypto: Explains Why

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Wisdomtree on the crypto side: Here’s what the fund manager said

when he speaks tree of wisdom We always have to listen, because we always and in any case talk about what is one of the main things fund managers globally. A fund manager who, among other things, also offers products based on Bitcoin and other large-cap cryptocurrencies.

This time speaking on behalf of the group Jason GuthrieHe is the Head of Asset Management Department at Europe Specifically for investments in the digital sphere.

Cryptocurrencies have steadily established themselves as a new asset class and it really is something that people cannot ignore anymore.

A clear message to all those who, including senior financial analysts, continue to consider Cryptocurrency, even as an investment field, a fad. Also according to the group’s digital division leader, Investors It will start selecting market access providers regarding the presence or absence of e . cryptocurrencies Bitcoin.

Also space for sector analytics

While he did not directly mention the names of the projects he closely follows, the leader of digital partition From the group referred to the future of encryption as the future multi-chainwhere interoperability will become Always more important. With some guides also on how to compose a good idea Cryptocurrency wallet In terms of asset allocation.

I don’t think anyone would advocate the opportunity to invest 50% of their portfolio in cryptocurrencies. Risks must be managed with their own provisions.

Noting that the group lies in the range between 1% And 5% The ideal share for most of its clients. With some interesting glimmers also in terms of adoption. Guthrie I just confirmed it for now 2% of the world’s population have access to this type of investment. And that this percentage of the population can only be allocated to it To rise. So the way around the current It has already started.

Good news for the markets? absolutely yes. Why as confirms tree of wisdomWe sure are in early time.

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