We start with someone else’s Otherdeeds

As expected, the first sale of ground above the other sidethe so-called other workshas been literally broken into, demonstrating on the one hand the enormous impact of the ecosystem Pike On the investors, on the other hand, there are still some problems for Ethereum network To manage events of this type.

We will talk about the second aspect at the end, now focusing on the massive success of the operation by the token managers themselves monkey dollarwhich nonetheless experienced complex phases, following the classic plot of del Buying rumors selling news.

Pick up another verb – and Criptovaluta.it …

Comprehensive view of maximum health across the entire ecosystem bored monkey. And we will be able to invest, and perhaps take advantage of the lower prices for sure monkey dollareven indirectly eToroGo here for a free virtual account with the best trading tools – Medium that has been quoted for quite some time now monkey dollar Which provides us in this specific system all that is necessary for trading short or long investments.

we have the Top Technical analysis, along with what is also offered by copy subordinate Best Traders via CopyTrader, a system unique in the world for both immediacy and potential. We can also invest with a real account that starts on its own $50.

Great success to mint other works first

More than 55,000 are sold like hot cakes, causing a massive increase in transaction costs on the network Ethereum. We started with Mint through a A relatively complex mechanism we have already described employment Criptovaluta.it . pages Which, due to massive demand, failed to contain gas fee above Ethereum As expected. This is a sign of greatness the noise Which now surrounds any kind of Initiative from Yoga Labs bound boredom monkey yacht club.

After the original coin was minted, we obviously moved to secondary marketwhich is worth real value today luck For those who managed to be among the lucky ones to get the first back home 55000 lots. There have been sales over the past few years 24 hours for more 350 million dollarsWith lowest price It is already twice the price coinage. This is also a sign of someone Request Much bigger than this first show.

The Ethereum network is in a state of collapse or almost

Which unfortunately happens now with every launch of NFT of a certain thickness. In spite of Mechanisms Details used by Yoga Labs We have seen transactions amount to costs in excess of 4000 dollarsup to 200 times on average compared to normal costs.

It all led to the post 70,000 Ethereum which are spent during the transaction only for transactions related to the other sideor rather to another verb. who was it source of further controversygiven that many have accused the smart contract of another verb You don’t have any kind of Graphics optimization compact.

The controversy may exist on the one hand, but in any case it can’t scratch what was a huge hit which probably hasn’t put the turbo yet, given that the question should grow In addition to the growth of users and business interests around the other side.

Criptovaluta.it takes the field too

We also could not stay in our hands and decided to enter this market, actually in a rather decisive way, through a series of purchases that definitely make us one whale from this project.

We will provide more updates for what is one of More important enlargements subordinate Our portfolio NFTWith important entrance For our site – a testament to our greater transparency even when real money and projects of this size are at stake.

What will happen to $APE?

code monkey dollar has undergone some kind of setback only in conjunction with coinage, which exactly happened with this token. The action that is now over and which he is no longer interested in, because now the ball has passed to him secondary marketwhere is the another verb It is traded directly for ETH or Come here.

Therefore, good news can come soon from this side as well. All as long as the hype, we are on this LongAbout Pike He continues to get support.

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