Gucci accepts CRYPTO | Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu Coin!

Gucci accepts cryptocurrency in its physical stores. it will happen in AmericaBy the end of this month and in select stores. In the plans of the Italian brand there are the following expansion For the whole sales network that insists in the northern states.

The five selling points that will start the project They will convert the encryption spent on site, paper currency. Accepted cryptocurrencies will be initially twelveincluding $SHIB, $BCH, $LTC, $ETH and $DOGE plus of course Bitcoin and $WBTC.

Gucci enters the crypto world: many cryptocurrencies are in payment

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Bitcoin, Shiba Inu, Ethereum and Doge in Gucci Stores

The Italian luxury brand is no stranger to well-planned explorations of Web3. Gucci was one of the first brands used in the industry Crypto and blockchain payments. This time the experience starts from the physical store, where customers will be able to buy directly with cryptocurrency, using QR Code.

In our home blueprints, this is a pilot phase that will see five stores set to lead the way, followed by adoption On-site crypto payments In all stores located in the northern United States.

At the cash desk it will be possible to pay for shoes, bags and any other goods from the House of Florence using some stablecoin And Bitcoinwrapped bitcoin Shiba Inulitecoin EthereumDogecoin e Bitcoin Cash.

there turning point Physics by Gucci It comes towards the crypto world as a result of other moves going in the same direction, and it is a sign that the Italian brand believes strongly in the opportunities offered by the blockchain world. It’s recent news Brand entry into the metaverseabove sandwhere he will buy virtual land via tokens $ land.

However, the fashion house recently launched NFT . collection Supergucci Born from cooperation with Ultraplastic, a giant in 3D modeling and animation. The software house made two of its famous people available Junki and Jojiemuncustomized by a fashion brand to be sold at a high price Gucci Vault. NFT also follows a faience version of the figures, handcrafted in Italy.

Concept stores that sell NFT And the real stuff, the physical outlets that accept payments in cryptocurrency – it’s clear that the applicable process is a expansion Towards commercial beaches overlooking the greatest seas on the blockchain. The beaches are obviously very attractivedue to the common interests of almost all the big names in the fashion world.

High fashion and cryptocurrency now side by side

The opportunity Obviously, the offerings from the metaverse, blockchain, and cryptocurrency were too Well received by the sector. We told you about Metaverse Fashion Week above Decentralandcrystal example of how a file worksAmalgamation between physical and non-exchangeable goods Not only feasible, but also interesting to the general public.

An interesting reflection on NFT and the fashion world was given by Lucia Quaglia, Community Manager in Italy Binancein our interview.

An interview where we also touched on topics related to the intersection between fashion and the fashion world NFT – The worlds that are now moving hand in hand more and more.

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