Luna Foundation buys another 1.5 billion Bitcoin

New purchase for Bitcoin by Terra Luna. The group led by the Koreans Do Kwon In fact, according to all the major newspapers, he was going to buy about one and a half billion bitcoins.

These purchases are still to be used for booking stablecoin from the group, USTWith reserves now exceeding 3.5 billion dollars. Very important purchases follow what is the strategy of the group, which is to accumulate significant amounts of bitcoin to become one of the main owners in the world.

LFG that governs some aspects of Terra Luna buys other BTCs

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Terra Luna Buys Another 1.5 Billion Bitcoin

sudden move for timing, but not for intentions. In fact, Terra Luna’s plan to continue accumulating in the short term was well known up to $3 billionin Satoshi e Bitcoin.

The group was going to buy almost at once $1.5 billion in Bitcoin, through the Luna Foundation Guard, the organization behind this type of operation. The Bitcoin Buying it will end up in the reserve needed to donate Moreand to maintain the peg of dollar coins, de USTminor stablecoin Arithmetic It is an integral part of the rules of luck that Terra Luna applies in the markets.

The group must also, again according to plan, continue with equally large purchase plans, since the upper limit set by the group is about 10 billion dollarsthe greater part of it must be precisely in Bitcoinin a small part can include other types of assets.

All this while in recent days controversies regarding the sustainability of the entire project have subsided, which is largely thanks to anchor And the generous unofficial interest bonuses they offer to those who share their money on the platform.

Purchases will also serve for this, or to give one What looks like sustainability For a project that has been under the scrutiny of critics for too long now, and which has already cost those who run it generous injections of capital to prop up off-market interest rates.

What does that mean for the Terra $LUNA market

In the current market situation, with US stocks dropping and the cryptocurrency market also dragging, it will be hard to see a reaction Earth’s moon Short term. However, we find ourselves in a highly schizophrenic market, which changes its position even in a matter of minutes.

However, she is one good news Because Terra Luna continues to deliver on its promises and most likely will continue to make further purchases of what, at least in our opinion, is one of the best assets we can put in our portfolio, the managers of the entire economic ecosystem that revolves around it. Earth’s moon. We’ll see if buying a lot of bitcoin can restore some much-needed calm to the market.

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