NFT and music, because they are made for each other

Music is art. But in a world where the former has become increasingly immaterial, accessible to everyone and everywhere, as long as you have a connection, you tend to take it for granted. We forget that it is art. World NFT It seems that it was intentionally made to return the music to its true state, that is, its artistic niche. That’s why it seems that NFT (Non-Folding Token) and Music are made for each other. This is called, Music is artthe project that David DelioAnd Nick name Postakeyboard player subsonicand songwriter, writer, and Croatian plastic artist Danijel Žeželj, with support from the innovative startup genuineJust launched on the platform makers. It is a one-of-a-kind NFT collection, consisting of musical compositions and visual arts that for the first time combine digital and analog dimensions. Those who have purchased content created by the two artists also have the opportunity to attend one of their live performances exclusively. Sarah The first live NFT, Made with music and illustration art. In this way, NFTs will be able to combine online and offline reality, with the goal of developing a more sustainable, valuable and diverse music industry.

Music is Art is an NFT project of Boosta, Danijel Žeželj and Genuino

Morgan, Belladonna, Kings of Leon and more

the operation Music is art by Boosta and Danijel Žeželj is by far the most watched in Italy, and we’ll tell you about it. But they took off in the world of NFTs too Morganwith the song preamble exporttrack not auctioned as NFT on Opensea platform and Belladonna with New Future Travelogue. The Kings of Leon, in collaboration with startup Yellowheart, have launched their venture nft yourself. Abroad, he’s also excited about NFT Eminemunbridled collector, who sees his passion reborn in NFT. as well as dj Steve AokiWho performed the most curious operation: hairy It is a 36-second clip accompanied by an EDM soundtrack, with animation by Anthony Todesco. hairy This is most relevant to the idea of ​​Boosta and Danijel Žeželj: in addition to the blockchain file, those who bought NFT also got physical work: A video frame representing the digitally purchased clip.

What are we talking about when we talk about NFT

NFT stands for non-replaceable token. It is located around a “CodeMy number is stored on the blockchain (Literally “block chain‘: a large, unmodifiable digital record in which information is grouped into blocks bound in chronological order), which certifies the ownership and authenticity of a digital creation, and attributes to it all rights that it would physically have as a work, such as rarity, originality, and ownership. Gabriel BernasconiAnd Co-CEO of Startup Genuino. “The entire concept of NFT stems from a specific type of smart contract, created through the blockchain, the ERC-721 contract.”he explains. “It is a contract that gives the possibility to create a digital representation of 1 to 1 value within the blockchain. This means that, in terms of properties and attributes, this thing is unique, as if it were a collectible and finished good. ** There is also another type of contract, ERC- 1155, has the same properties as the other, but with the difference that two copies of the same element can be created”. In this case, a unique object is created in different versions, as happens in the art world: let’s consider Andy Warhol’s numbered lithographs. To buy an NFT in a market, you need a file Pocket walletAnd digital wallet, which is activated by downloading a plugin from Google Chrome, which is linked to your profile on the platform. The NFT purchased ends up inside that wallet. All payments are made through Cryptocurrencysuch as EthereumEither by credit card.

From sports to music

The idea for NFT comes from the world of sports. Gabriele Bernasconi has been working there since 2018, when no one knew what NFTs were. * “This specific type of contract was used because with the NFT token we have the possibility to Create a kind of digital twinwhich is a digital representation of the physical object, which allows us to trace the physical object along the production chain”, he explains. In the world of sports and football, in fact, a market souvenirsWhich is worth 15 billion, 50% of which is fake. “Implementing this technology, which allows you to trace an object along all the different steps of the supply chain, means that the problem is significantly reduced”. So we focused on creating the NFT token that served as the digital ego of a very specific thing, the match shirt that players wore. We made one smart correctionwhich has a silicone body that is applied hot with a thermal press on the shirt, and connects to the IOT sensor we placed inside the changing rooms.”continuous. “So when a player puts on the shirt, the sensor detects that this shirt is going through at that very moment and writes the information into the NFT token that is inside the blockchain. At three in the afternoon, if we draw the number 7 Franck Ribery shirt, the only player who can enter the field with this shirt is Frank. Himself “. This is how the system architecture is built, we go to non-modal information. “In the production chain, usually when information passes from one actor to another, it is manipulated, because there is human intervention”*Bernasconi says again. * “By building architectures like this, where the sensor writes directly into the blockchain, which is a record with a chain of blocks where that information then resides, once that information is written, it cannot be tampered with.”. So the NFT is a file Double Certificate of Authenticity: a bit like a car brochure. And it is the certificate of ownership: when we go to exchange it in the marketplace and associate it with something physical, if we don’t have the token and we just have the thing, then something is wrong.

Boosta and Danijel eželj: Between digital and physical

Boosta (Photo: Davide D’Ambra)

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