NFTs at the Giro d’Italia: T-shirts, trophies and Corsa Rosa tokens become valuable digital goods

ItaliaNFT, the first Italian marketplace for the sale of NFT products made in Italy, is the official partner of Giro d’Italia. Non-fungible tokens for the Legendary Pink T-shirt and other tokens for the cycling event will be available from May 6

Italia brings the tour in italy In the new dimension of NFT. The legendary pink jersey, trophy, emblems and other symbols of Giro’s history and tradition will be available for the first time in the revolutionary format of Blockchain-certified digital sets within the large market for non-fungible tokens dedicated to Made-in. Italia.

This initiative, the result of an agreement between ItaliaNFT and RCS Sport, represents only the first step in a series of joint activities to create new initiatives of value – in the physical and digital sphere – connected to the world of major sporting competitions. The first NFT teams from the Giro d’Italia will be available from the next day May 6, which is the date that marks the start of the cycling event, but the list of digital collectibles will be enriched during the entire course of the event. Among them too Jiro’s four shirts (pink, white, light blue, cyclamen cyclamen), special emblems, sweaters and Infinite CupThe latter is available in an exclusive final auction.

NFTs are not simple but real digital miniatures Unique and exclusive works, documented by linking to the Blockchain. For T-shirts and other physical creations of Giro d’Italia, the ItaliaNFT lab worked on each item, Using advanced scanning techniques and computer graphics To completely replicate the look of the originals while ensuring a visual experience enhanced with digital animation. Even the texture of the shirts has been faithfully recreated, while a 3D virtual simulation has been implemented in the Endless Trophy to enhance the exceptional design of the trophy, a forged gold ribbon symbolizing the route the racers take and drives engraved with the names of all Corsa Rosa winners from 1909 until today.

“The Giro d’Italia is not only one of the most important road bike races in the world, but also authentically Italian excellence in the world, a unique and unmissable event that has the merit of uniting the country and weaving the region with its highest values: passion, sacrifice, respect, history, tradition, modernity and innovation. Fun and social responsibility. All values ​​that reflect an important part of our mission.”Explained by the founders of ItaliaNFT, Achille Minerva And Marco Capria.

“The NFTs that we created in collaboration with Giro d’Italia represent the best way to create a culture around the world of crypto art and, more generally, on the combination of Made In Italy creations and the new digital ecosystem based on Blockchain. We will follow the race in all its stages, on the street and online, Let’s tell fans what NFT is, how it is made and what kind of opportunities they offer to those who buy it.We are just at the beginning of a real revolution that will have a profound impact not only on collectors but on all those who want to buy goods and services with them A digital experience that is valuable but also reliable and secure.”

With Giro d’Italia, Italia Continue on its way to penetrate the world of Italian excellence. The platform, launched at the end of 2021, has already hosted some great names in the art scene (including Lodola, Vedovamazzei and MYFO) and will create new NFT groups in the coming months to promote masterpieces of culture, cinema, literature and music, for sports and production on Italian soil. Taking a look at a new dimension: the one that combines business authenticity with Blockchain-based digital innovation.

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