Piero Angela, “The future is a chance”; Cicap founder will speak at Festival 2022

The 2022 Cicap Festival, scheduled in Padua from 3 to 5 next June, is dedicated to “the science of the world to come”. The Festival of Science and Curiosity, just presented in the capital of Venice, is held in collaboration with the University, the Municipality and the Province of Padua, with the contribution of Cassa di Risparmio di Padova and Rovigo Foundation.

Besides more than 120 get-togethers, hosted at prestigious festival locations, there are also many activities and workshops aimed at families and children, with in-depth workshops for educators, enthusiasts and magicians, guided tours of the city’s science venues, meetings in the squares and in the plazas, flying interviews On the street in a wheelchair, illusion demonstrations, comedy entertainment and much more.

This year, the event also leaves Padua and also arrives in Rovigo: on the occasion of the exhibition dedicated to Giovanni Miani, at Palazzo Roncale, two meetings were organized with the support of the Cariparo Foundation. Massimo Polidoro, event director, will accompany visitors to discover the past, mysterious places and installations on our planet, which generate questions and serve as a catalyst for research and knowledge. The past, which geneticist Guido Barbogani will talk about, is within us: traces of various human forms, prehistoric migrations starting from Africa, where our ancestors spread throughout the planet. (continuous)

“Thinking about the future, I can’t help but remember that the new century we live in belongs to the youth,” notes Cicap founder Piero Angela, a journalist and hugely popular. As the current Honorary Chairman, he will speak at one of the festival’s most awaited events. “In 2050, the year that seems so far away – he continues – they will be 40/50 years old. In 2090, which seems so far away, they will be less than my age today. It will be a century of complete changes and I sincerely regret not being able to see everything that will happen: The big problems of course, but also the big innovations and the many opportunities.”

Internationally acclaimed festival guests include: Sir Michael Marmot, Director of the UCL Institute for Health Equality in London; Simonetta Di Pippo, astrophysicist, former Director of Human Flight at the European Space Agency and Director of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs in Vienna; Michael Mann, climatologist and geophysicist, director of the Earth System Science Center at Penn State University; Edith Widder, oceanographer and marine biologist, CEO and chief scientist, Society for Ocean Research and Conservation; Mitchell Valdes Sosa, Director of the Institute of Science in Havana, Cuba; Susan Schneider, a biological psychologist at University of the Pacific, California; Peter Godfrey Smith, Philosopher of Science, University of Sydney, Australia; Sheila Jasanoff, Professor of Technology Ethics at Harvard Kennedy School; Lee McIntyre, Philosopher and Scholar at the Center for Philosophy and the History of Science at Boston University and Lecturer at Harvard University: Julia Galiffe, Founder of the Center for Applied Rationalism and many others.

Moreover, in a special “speaker’s corner”, scheduled in front of the historic Caffè Pedrocchi, researchers and scientists will answer in 15 minutes the “big questions” posed by the audience on Cicap social media regarding the science of the future: genetics and medicine, space, technology, and sociology and neuroscience, in a series of events run by the famous Marco Martinelli.

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