Shiba Inu is compatible with land purchases in the SHIB Metaverse

benefit Shiba Inu is constantly increasing. Everyone who holds this cryptocurrency will be happy to know that a new use case has been announced. In fact, the respective digital asset can be used to purchase land in metaverse by Sheep.

The virtual reality project announced this novelty, which was very well received by the community Chip: Metaverse On his official Twitter account. The news was published to users on Wednesday 4 May 2022.

This means that the token Shiba Inu It will also be used to mint plots of land in the SHIB Metaverse. In this virtual world there are 100,595 items for sale and ready for purchase. Bearing in mind that previously it could only be achieved through ETHThe announcement that SHIB can now be used for purchase is unforgettable.

Currently Shiba Inu Take advantage of this novelty. In fact, its price has slightly increased by 2.61% in the last 24 hours. Its trading price is $0.00002154, while its market capitalization is $12.71 billion (at the time of writing).

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Shiba Inu and SHIB The Metaverse

Shape Metaverse It is an augmented reality project created and promoted by a community Shiba Inu. Those who own land in this metaverse can earn passive income, generate rewards, collect game resources, and even get personal space to build and manage their projects.

Obviously, of the 100,595 plots available, only some will be opened immediately, while others will be opened for sale over time. But the big news now is that if it is necessary to bid or buy the land only before Ethereum (ETH), it will now also be possible to use it Shiba Inu (gray).

Shiba Inu It is destined to grow as a community and as a person Cryptocurrency. Its ecosystem is undergoing strong development and significant fluctuations are expected for this token that has often been misidentified as memecoin.

One of the last landmarks that interests her Shiba Inu It is listed on the cryptocurrency exchange Robinhood. However, there is always news in the pipeline for this cryptocurrency and its community. Projects are on the rise, and despite last year’s slump, the recovery has been strong.

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