Silvio Micale Algorand vs Bitcoin and “Neanderthal” Crypto | Los Angeles Times interview

Long and interesting interview for Silvio Micale from Algorand to Los Angeles Timesa sign on the one hand of the great PR effort of the Protocol (with some issues perhaps revisiting the environmental issue) and on the other hand of the greater concern the current for this area of ​​technology.

Not without me The usual attacks on Bitcoinnow a kind of obsession in the house of Algorand, which we will also be able to talk about in the commentary on this interesting interview, in a widely circulated newspaper that will reach an audience much wider than that traditionally associated with the world of crypto.

Long interview by Silvio Micali for the Los Angeles Times

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Micale vs. Bitcoin and the Professional Algorand: Here’s what he told the Los Angeles Times

Silvio MicaleFounder Algorandhas a large area on the Los Angeles Timesperhaps as part of a larger PR project he’s inaugurated Algorand Also through important care. Reporting The original interview is in EnglishWe provide here the most prominent sections that in addition to dealing with them blockchain technology Strictly speaking, it also ranged towards some attacks a Bitcoin.

  • One of the most common criticisms of bitcoin relates to the power required to verify transactions and mine new coins. There is a bill in the New York State Assembly that would impose a moratorium on mining. Can you describe Algorand’s energy efficiency in terms of our understanding?

Bitcoin sucks as much energy as a small country and we will consume about 10 homes instead.

  • Bitcoin has been around since 2009. Your first impressions of it?

I liked the basic idea. The idea is very nice, but the solution is somehow not quite elegant. We all aspire to beauty and elegance in what we do.

  • Where are we on the blockchain adoption curve?

We are in a truly divided world. We have blockchain 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 – and Algorand in my opinion belongs to the latter category – coexisting at the same time. This is really unique. If we look at the Industrial Revolution, with the passage of time we have increasingly sophisticated technologies, and therefore there is no such kind of coexistence. We are in a really unique moment, where there are highly developed chains like our block chains and the first generation of block chains still in existence at one time. It’s like having Neanderthals and Homo sapiens together.

with turn Neanderthals Which would consist of a great deal of BitcoinLet’s imagine, how much he gives Ethereumalthough the latter is still significantly less scalable than Algorand And it will continue to do so for a long time to come.

rest of the interview

However, we invite you to read the interview as a whole, wherever you find it insight Interesting for one of the most important and famous characters in encoder spaceas well as on the future of the industry, where second Mycali Few would resist technological novelty, perhaps only in terms of store of value.

Visions, as in Micale’s style, are rather peppery and won’t fail make a fuss Within the community as well as between Bitcoin. Who knows, maybe soon it will be possible to request clarification in person.

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