Sosius and Chiles in MLS | Agreement with 26 teams

The North American Football League first division a long-term agreement With . reference brand Chili’s $CHZ Sarah Sponsor of 26 teams Out of the 28 participants in the 2022 tournament, now in its 27th edition.

Partnership will see the platform committed to providing MLS Its expertise in terms of blockchain especially fan icon On the football field thanks to his first striker Chili’s Dollar. Thus, will play another important game in the competitive football sector, an area in which the giants share web 3 They challenge each other regularly with generous patronage.

Chiles and Sosius in the United States with MLS

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Chiliz and Socios join MLS USA

Major League Soccer is the league that brings together Highest percentage of millennials, in the audience. This means that in the United Statesamong the top divisions, no other sport can guarantee such a large number of young people belonging to generation y.

On the upper floors of The picture should look like palatableto the point of giving birth to a huge e Transverse Warranty Process. From an economic point of view, we still don’t have data to disclose, but on a technical level, the story certainly becomes interesting.

The purpose of the platform is to ensure Increasingly close relationships between fans and clubs Enrolled in MLS, on fan icon. Thus, the North American Football League fans are the perfect home to go and search for consensus and, obviously, for new business opportunities.

At Major League Soccer, Emerging Ventures is always looking for ways to apply the latest technology to provide the youngest and smartest fans in North America with new opportunities to connect meaningfully with our players and clubs.

This is the first data from Christopher SchlosserSenior Vice President and Emerging Ventures at football League. will debut in North American Football League One An app specially designed for MLS; The two players will also study new projects to bring fans’ participation in club sporting and corporate events closer than ever.

In the meantime, just to underscore how absolutely no joke the sponsor is when it comes to football, we remember signing Lionel Messi is a Global Brand Ambassador by

Football and Cryptocurrency: An Indivisible Union

So the crypto sponsor presents itself in the United States Attachment 26 pointsThanks to the experience accumulated in the main stadiums in Europe, virtual and others. For the less experienced in football, remember Partnership with Inter that we provided for notice With some progress.

The team, whose brilliant interpretation of football seems natural Binance’s competitor in large-scale sponsorship, is a well-established team. Americans know they can count on him Experienced technical partner Actually a fan icon.

The Known case of the AS Rome bus It is just an example, and not very recent, of the effective usability of Chili’sand testifies to the appeal that the ecosystem created by can boast among fans from all over the world.

However, it is an excellent era Alexander Dreyfus And their partners are on their way to conquering the MLS. The North American Championship is a great opportunity to increase Income and approvals. What if on the other side of the Atlantic they started to take football seriously, too?

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