The Catholic Church will have NFTs! | The process of democracy in art

The Vatican opens to NFTs, but Not doing business. The Holy See has signed an agreement with Humanity 2.0 and Sensorium to make it available to the entire world Priceless Artistic and cultural portfolio, retreated NFT.

a job democratization of art who will rely heavily on treasures kept in the Vatican Museums and beyond. By the end of the year the works will be available through VR viewers, as well as from a computer. Therefore, it is a process far from the nucleus of speculation that surrounds this world.

Even the Catholic Church in the world of NFT

The process prevents entry Catholic Church in MetaverseWith a strong social footprint. At least that seems to be the direction he chose Father Philip LarryProject Head and NGO Guide Humanity 2.0.

“We look forward to working with Sensorium to explore ways to democratize art, and make it more widely available to people around the world, regardless of their social, economic and geographic limitations.”

These are the words of Father Larry, the academic at Pontifical Lateran UniversityWhere exercises like Lecturer in Logic and Epistemology. The digitization of the Catholic Church as its first practical application will have the dissemination of historical artifacts, manuscripts and hundreds of priceless works of art.

Which exhibition will it contain? Works from the Vatican Museums It will be developed by Sensorium, a company specializing in blockchain, digital asset management, NFT, and metaverse development. It is called from the Swiss company sansrium galaxyVR platform has seen the likes of David Guettato give an idea of ​​the economic value of such hypothetical events.

Values Which, unlike what happens with companies that see Web 3 as an extraordinary business opportunity, is assumed in this context Broader connotations. The church doesn’t seem interested in making a profit from the sale NFTIt will present itself as an entity revolutionary in the broader blockchain revolution.

A person does not live by working alone

Nor a coding man. Opening of the Holy See in the world of blockchain And the NFT gives us a visualization of what the entire ecosystem will become future model Communication, democracy and cultural exchange on a global scale.

The idea behind Transactions peer to peer Here it goes beyond the scope of abstract economic exchange. The Vatican opens its doors for trading Another kind of wealthlaying the foundation for one cultural revolution that the world really needs.

Let me be clear: We don’t get angry All those companies that chose blockchain and cryptocurrency to expand their business. give her Mainstream sports such as football Niche like The noble art of boxingFrom fashion to finance so playThere is no commercial sector yet to be discovered.

Now it’s your turn a churchwhich he does with that Apparently different purposes. It is curious to note how from an institution naturally reluctant to change and grounded in granite dogmas, the signal arrives closely following the revolution The philosophy behind DeFi.

The world needs a fortune made of collective consciousnessknowledge and culture decentralized, functional for the free exchange of information and Democratic growth of the peoples. In a society that thrives on this model, cash transactions on blockchain They seem to find it natural expression The reason for existence. That DeFi seeds take root in a bough on Heaven’s Land?

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