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Palermo (ITALPRESS) – Interventions in the construction of university buildings, student welfare, with a strong focus on the needs of the disabled, then a push linked to innovation and technology, passing through greater participation of student associations and progressive improvements related to the website and student office. The University of Palermo, in the picturesque setting of Sala Carapezza from the headquarters of Palazzo Steri, has presented a series of projects, innovations and initiatives promoted by the University in the short and long term, for which significant investments have been made, amounting to only 17 million for construction, which testifies to the new governance objectives of In modernizing the environments available to students, attracting more students and providing them with increasingly interesting job opportunities.
“Those who attend the University of Palermo should know that the university will deal not only with their training, but with their daily life – explained the President of Unipa, Massimo Mederi – significant figures, 17 million euros have been allocated for construction. There is a very large extraordinary maintenance commitment. We are trying Imagining our university systems in a modern way, we want to make PV systems and Wi-Fi available in many classrooms.We aim to create livable spaces that we believe are essential to children’s lives, so we have designed areas for refreshment along with reception and meeting areas.We are also investing, he added. In the sports fields, outdoor activity is essential and in the Garuvala region we will introduce sports fields.”
Our commitment is also related to disability. We have prepared classrooms where there will be tools that will allow the blind and the blind to study and have the books available. We want to break down architectural barriers – stressed the university president – in our university we have 44,000 children with disabilities, which is a significant percentage.”
Going into the details of the innovations presented today, more than 17 million have been allocated for the construction of the campus in Viale delle Scienze and the Polydidactic of the Policlinico, for interventions aimed at the exceptional maintenance of building components from heights and ceilings and for the modernization of technological systems. In particular, photovoltaic panels will be installed on the roofs of various buildings, with an investment of 2 million euros, able to reduce energy costs in a period characterized by strong increases. Road surfaces, pedestrian paths and signage will be redeveloped and equipped with sports areas.
In addition, new refreshment points will be built on the campus with the launch of the “Genio-Unipa” brand. There will be interventions in favor of students with disabilities, where 140 thousand euros are spent on teaching activities to encourage the inclusion of students with disabilities or learning difficulties and to allow teachers to familiarize themselves with modern teaching techniques, but also for the service of transportation from home to university, for direct support to the individual, to break down architectural barriers and to buy Technical support. In this regard, it is planned to install various innovative workstations for users with visual impairments. Among other novelties, an evening opening until 10pm (with a subsequent postponement until midnight once it’s fully operational) starting with the following four-room reading weeks. In terms of innovation applied to teaching, an immersive teaching classroom is being created, which, thanks to the use of virtualization and 3D, will allow to recreate environments and simulations to speed up learning processes.
Another important chapter concerns the reorganization of the website: the contents of the official portal of the university were the subject of a redesign made in cooperation with the students themselves, and they actively participated in the design of the new site aimed at providing more immediate information to users. And to be more responsive in counseling. One of UNEP’s shortcomings in recent years is that it is linked to student secretarial services. In this regard, a new system has been developed via the application for booking appointments and thus managing user flows for the secretariats. With SolariQ, which is available for smartphones and tablets, the user can book for a particular service and therefore wait less time at the actual counter. Users will be managed by subject areas and three new organizational units will be created as part of the reorganization of the Student Secretariats. Finally, there are several health and wellbeing interventions within university settings, including the replacement of food distributors with the inclusion of multiple green and organic foods and the installation of 9 health product distributors.
Finally, the Rector presented the data of the Italy Research Quality Assessment exercise conducted by ANVUR, which places the University of Palermo 10th (out of 61) in Italy, first in Sicily and second in Southern Italy after Naples. We have received the data for a few days, they show a clear improvement in the research conditions at the University of Palermo. The recruitment policy in recent years has been well implemented, researchers who have recently entered have shown an increase in the ability to conduct research by more than 15% – Mediri explained – the recruitment policy we are promoting, also by including external professionalism, should improve the general direction of research – and concluded To make Palermo one of the best universities in Italy.

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