5 cryptocurrencies to buy now

The 2022 It’s an explosive year for Crypto assets And first of all we are talking about a specific type of cryptocurrency that threatens an amazing rise.

In fact, some important metaverse projects will be launched this year, i.e. virtual reality on Blockchainwhose ecosystem is based on new ones Cryptocurrency Sweetened.

So we will introduce a series of digital currencies that are all related to a virtual reality project in its birth stage and that have an affordable price for everyone at the moment, but an explosion is expected during the next year metaverse It will be available to web users.

Specifically we will talk about three cryptocurrencies, namely Party Animals (ANML), Bloktopia (BLOK) and Everdome (DOME), on which the homonymous metaverse economy depends, which is due to be launched this year. We will then close two more cryptocurrencies that are linked instead to an already created Tafel scale, and these are the popular ones Decentraland (MANA) and Sandbox (SAND).

Dozens of cryptocurrencies in Animal Concert (ANML) + 123% in a few days!

The first cryptocurrency under control this year has a very short life behind it, but it has already seen its value double in value within days of its inclusion so far. Animal Party (ANML).

This cryptocurrency appeared on the market for public sale in exchange Only on March 29th at approx list price 0.01 euros.

based on results CoinMarketCap On 6 April 1, ANML is already valid 0.024 EUR It presents a sharp upward trend in the past few days.

The cryptocurrency will form a new metaverse economy called Animal Concert whose main goal will be to offer events to its users in 3d live music, With a roadmap that anticipates full functionality by the end of the year.

There are already many famous artists who have announced upcoming events in this metaverse including some who belong to famous record labels such as those of Snoop Dogg. In short, Animal Concert presents itself as unique, and the capabilities of the entire project are a guarantee of success even for the original code. ANML, Since its launch, it has been witnessing a continuous increase in value in the markets.

Party animal born as a symbol ribbed It is already present on other Blockchains and on major DEX exchanges in an encapsulated token version, in order to accommodate a wider audience.

CryptoTV Geffen In his YouTube video, he gives us a detailed analysis of the Animal Concert (ANML) cryptocurrency market cap:

Cryptocurrency with a price hike expected during the year: Bloktopia (BLOK)

When you look at a file Cryptocurrency To buy that you don’t enjoy the market capital and fame of bitcoins, what should be noted is their function as a whole, or the ecosystem in which they were born.

Specifically, there is another cryptocurrency to watch closely this year called metaversi BLOK It is the original cryptocurrency of . BLOCTOPIA The 21 floors of a virtual skyscraper have been built to honor Bitcoin and all are crypto-themed.

Within this 3D building, all major exchanges and companies related to crypto assets will have a virtual headquarters where they will present the potential of their resources and where users will be able to purchase cryptocurrencies directly. It is rumored that I Bitcoin We are ready for headquarters in this metaverse.

At the moment because it is still a reality in the launch stage BLOK 1 is about 0.02 EUR Expecting, however, a noticeable rise during the outgoing year, Metaverse Bloktopia.

Everything is ready to explode in the Everdome (DOME) cryptocurrency markets

Another cryptocurrency associated with the metaverse whose price is expected to rise significantly during the year is dome. It will shape the economy on which it will be built Everdomethis is the first metaverse where avatars and objects will be created starting from the real world thanks to the technology 3D scanning.

First of all, in different parts of the world, including Europe, some scan points will be opened where users can scan and create their own at no cost. 3D Avatar to be entered and used in the metaverse.

Once again, it will be possible to rent 3D Scanner This is to include any object in the real world in the virtual reality.

At the moment price 1 DOME is 0.04€ With the just-announced metaverse roadmap which also in this case indicates a significant rise in the cryptocurrency by the end of 2022.

Once again, we are faced with a project as a whole that has solid foundations and great potential for the future, elements that will significantly affect the price per unit of the original cryptocurrency.

Watch out for The Sandbox (SAND), the cryptocurrency ready to return to all-time highs

We have now come up with a cryptocurrency that is less economical than the previous ones, but with a low value at the moment in the market both in terms of potential and when compared to its all-time high. It is located around sand original cryptocurrency sand; The metaverse that doesn’t need a lot of explanation because it’s already very active and very famous.

Currently 1 sand Market value 3.09 EURbut the maximum peak recorded last year is 40 euros per unit.

This drop, due to the disastrous situation that crypto assets entered in 2022, means that at the moment, the SAND token associated with one of the most famous metaphysics in the world, is in fact at a much lower price than its true potential..

Cryptocurrencies with a bullish outlook in 2022? The MANA token for the Decentraland metaverse

The Sandbox Alternative for SAND Cryptocurrency is mana underlying the economics of the metaverse decentraland, Another famous name in this field.

Also in this case we are facing a token with a market value that is below its current potential, where 1 mana equals 2.38 euros.

Anyway, the comparison of the current market capitalization of the cryptocurrencies of popular metaverses such as Sandbox and Decentraland and the value of 3D Reality At the launch stage, it gives a good idea of ​​the potential of this particular type of crypto resource and also about the profit that can be obtained by winning tokens when the project is in the launch stage and these only cost a few euro cents per unit.

What are the risks and benefits of cryptocurrencies?

All the five cryptocurrencies we talked about in this article are tools that users can actually invest in Metaversethat is, in an emerging or already embedded virtual reality.

Putting aside the already known projects, all cryptocurrencies associated with reality at the initial stage are listed and available at least for purchase in DEX platforms, But it’s always worth a few cents of a euro. By entering the market at this point, there is always a higher risk that the project is not completed, but it is also an opportunity where cryptocurrency can offer a greater return. investors.

In fact, the practice has always been to make local currencies and crypto-currencies available to users Non-Fungible Token (NFT) of metaverse resources before they are activated, giving those same resources a lower premiere price compared to market value once virtual reality becomes more affordable.

All the items that we have provided you are spearheads for crypto assets, for which there is expected to be a revitalization very soon or already occurring for the metaverse.

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