Baroni is the second coach to lead Lecce as the record holder

LECCE – Today’s winner in “Via del Mare” is the 10th Serie A in Lecce’s history. The first was won by the team led by Eugenio Faschetti after second place in the Cadet Championship, with 50 points, for the worst goal difference from the record holder at the time, Pisa. Then as now, the second division has 20 teams. But the competitive trend signed by Marco Baroni’s side is even greater, with the 71-point deserved return to the top of the Polynesian club on the final day of the second professional category. The next entry will be Lecce’s 17th participation in the A Tournament.

Baroni is the tenth coach to give Lecce the leap to Serie A, with Salento, at 114 years old, the highest resistance squad in three successive seasons, a blistering storm that materialized in three moments: 1988/1991, 1999/2002 and 2003/ 2006. The maximum position taken in Serie A is ninth in the 88/89 Vintage category.

Baroni: First time in A from the bench “Queen”

The last coach that Lecce reached the top of football was Liverani in 2019. And after him 58-year-old Florentine Marco Baroni, the Scudetto as a player in 1990 in Napoli Maradona, who was for the first time in his career as a coach, keeps the season in first place on Union bench. It is his second promotion to the Italian league as coach, after the one he won in 2017 with Benevento, through the secondary track of the playoffs. Baroni is the second coach to lead Lecce to Serie A by capitalizing on B’s ultimate dominance, after Luigi Di Canio’s first signing in the 2009-10 season. The Tuscan coach is about to terminate his contract, and his renewal appears to be reduced (but certainly not 100%).

As a multinational company

Lecce, who was promoted to Serie A, is the second Cadet team in terms of the number of foreigners: 14, behind Parma 24. These 14 countries represent a total of 11 countries, Brazil, France and Spain are represented by two elements each. So far, defender Simic with Croatia’s U-21 national team, Iceland’s leading midfielder Helgason, Poland U-21 midfielder Listkowski, goalkeeper Gabriel with his presence in 2012 in Brazil, Swedish U-21 midfielder Björkengren, Denmark. Hjolmand’s Under-21 striker, former French Under-21 midfielder and former Slovenian midfielder Majer, author of the goal upgrade against Pordenone tonight.

The proportion of the entire yellow and red combination of global brands is 53.8%. Among them, Brazilian right winger Gabriel Streviza is the foreign player with the highest market value with €5 million. In front of the San Paolo player with 13 goals this season in the second division, there is only the right winger from Parma Denis Mann (8 million) and Pisa striker Lorenzo Luca, who brings in 6.5 million euros. The Brazilian occupies fourth place in the Giallorossi squad for a number of matches (35), preceded by Coda’s hint (37 matches), midfielder Hjolmand (37) and defender Fabio Lucioni. The 34-year-old from Tierney, in addition to being the biggest team player and captain of the group, is a workaholic on the field, having scored 37 of the 38 games on the calendar this season.

The next virtual team with contract players

Lecce, with an average age on the field, is the ninth youngest in the Cadet Championship, with the personal data of 26.2 out of 20 teams, the youth record of which belongs to Crotone (relegated) equal to 24.4. Remaining on the subject of collective comparison, the Giallorossi club is ranked fifth in the Italian league in terms of market value, equivalent to 32.90 million euros, 25 less than the “economy” of Parma, which has a global value of 57.5 million euros. The fruit of the market pawns. They are tied to a multi-year contract, and therefore in the initial chessboard for the pre-season of A, these players are: Bleve (expiring 2023), Dermaku (2024), Tuia (2023), Simic (2024), Lucioni (2024), Monterisi (2024), Gallo (2024), Vera (2023), Calabresi (2024), Gendrey (2024), Hjulmand (2024), Blin (2025), Di Mariano (2024), Strefezza (2025), Listkovsky (2025) Rodriguez (2024), Coda (2024). 17 of the 26 players are in the 21-22 B lineup.

Sovereignty was cleared in Cadetteria for nine days

Lecce wins Serie A after being on top for a total of 9 days, all in the second leg: in the first 3, in 5, in 8, in 15, and in the last three (17, 18, 19^). But in return, there was no one for more than Lecce between the first two minutes and practically in the A: 1349′ versus 1040′ of Cremonese. Behind this promotion there is the heavy mark of Massimo Coda. The 34-year-old from Cava dei Tirrene, for the second season in the second division, tops the scorers list. He is the undisputed Serie B striker with his 20 goals of the year, which is part of the balance sheet for the more than 100 goals (currently 101) he won in the 34th round, as the 19th “centenary” in the striker’s history. Kadita series. The Lecce player is the unprecedented “Babelito” Cup winner who, from B 21-22, goes to his top scorer. The late Tuscan champion, in the season that brought Lanerosi Vicenza to an all-time high (second place in the First Division, until UEFA), in 1978, he scored 24 goals, 4 more than Coda, and won the recall of the Argentine. World Cup with Italy with Bearzot, four years before the Spanish tale.

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