Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency: Encouraging Data from the UK

More than a third of Britons Use cryptocurrencies regularly. by search Queen Piece And Qualtrix33% of Elizabeth II Stainless subjects own or own Bitcoin and the like.

The study reveals more interesting data for enthusiasts and users of alternative currencies than fiat currencies. The 64% Who the hero said he wanted to move forward Increase your walletwith a good 23% willingness to diversify the portfolio by including emerging currencies.

Cryptocurrencies are booming in the Thames, but also in the European Union..

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In the UK and Europe, cryptocurrency fever is considered

As mentioned at the beginning, the study was commissioned by Queen PieceIt is an exchange that enjoys great confidence among small and large investors.

to October 2021It was the Brits who struggled with cryptocurrency 29% of the grand total. The data, when compared to the last report, highlights a significant increase in trust towards the crypto world among Her Majesty’s subjects.

Study also gives us an opportunity to think British tendency to invest In the broader markets: 11% of respondents said they are familiar with cryptocurrencies in general, while 11% of survey respondents said they are familiar with cryptocurrencies in general. 13% will be able to invest in traditional assets.

Cryptocurrencies offer investors a way to diversify their portfolios and earn returns. However, to support the growth of this market, more needs to be done to help these people make the right decisions.

These are the words of the Coinbase spokespersonwith the exchange actively participating in the study which provides us with a realistic snapshot of the prevailing climate across the channel in this regard.

On the one hand there is one An ever-expanding user baseon the other hand, the state apparatus which may seem thermal or at least lazy in regulating the matter.

Indeed, something is moving on English soil, where the Crown seems sympathetically sensitive to an idea Turning the country into a coding center in the old continent.

We have already expressed our doubts about what our English cousins ​​did in the given circumstances, but the story is given to us some food for thought About what is happening in the middle of the eurozoneThere is still debate about Bitcoin yes-Bitcoin still generating some ugly curtain in Brussels.

And in Europe?

Going back to the data provided by the Coinbase study, but remaining geographically in Europe, The UK will be second only to the Netherlands The amount of cryptocurrency used. Among the poppies and channels, 47% of the population owns or owns cryptocurrency.

Spain is followed by a large margin (26%), Italy (25%)Germany (24%) and France (17%). Cousins ​​outside the Alps are far behind, although they’ve seen it lately Binance makes a French project of its own Which should lead to a softening of the positions encoded by the institutions.

Therefore, in the Old Continent we are still at stake, even if we look at it with confidence +4% on a semi-annual basis I dropped out of school Queen Piece And Qualtrix From which we began in this contemplative message. Outside the borders of the European Union, British friends are putting a lot of pressure on cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Is it new BritCurrency?

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