The catanzaro Announces the renewal of the partnership with technical sponsor EYE Sport for two more seasons.

i sport It continues its growth path by consolidating partnership at the highest level. Piazza Catanzaro, in fact, is a historical square, with a tradition worthy of the highest stages. Not surprisingly, the Eagles after a season at the top are once again preparing to play the playoffs in the second division. EYE Sport will accompany Giallorossi for at least two more seasons, continuing a collaboration aimed at celebrating the colors and history of the iconic club. , but not only: the project includes a series of important initiatives that will further help the growth of the brand and the Calabria company.

Satisfaction in the words of EYE Sport CEO, Alessandro Arrio: “These two years in Catanzaro with pleasure confirmed the reasons why we consciously decided to invest in the company and in the field. I am very happy to grow our relationship with the Noto family, with whom we share the values ​​of fairness, honesty, loyalty and the desire to put Our hearts are in the things we do. Moreover, we will keep great news for the fans, which is another step for growth and participation, which we hope will satisfy more and more Giallorossi’s hot and multi-fans fans.”