Ethereum Below $2800: Analysis May 6, 2022

By opening a file ETH . real-time chartIn the early hours of May 6, 2022, you could see Ethereum below $2,800. The past week has been somewhat unique for the entire crypto sector. Some assets have tried to catch up, while others have lost more value.

Ethereum, which is The second largest cryptocurrency in the world, I tried several times a refund, that is, a $3000 streak recovery. All this later to try and hit the hypothetical $3,200 target (a threshold many analysts consider psychological).

Ambitions that could, at least for the time being, be set aside on cryptocurrency, which instead began with a sharp correction, the protagonist Fell below $2800 per unit. We will have the opportunity to deepen it in the context of the following lines, and not before we recall how Ethereum is in the best brokers, such as eToro (here is the official page).

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Ethereum Below $2800: Here are the Latest Changes in ETH

before you reach Ethereum under $2800It is good to start from the beginning and gradually move forward with the latest news and differences related to the cryptocurrency. Just a few hours ago we saw a new one Data from the Federal Open Market Committee On the new price hike.

Happening, as mentioned in yesterday’s discussion, has always been related to the cryptocurrency world, especially with regards to Crypto assets with the largest weightthat is, with a larger capitalization, such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Moreover, starting from the long term, that is, from now to a month, it is possible to see how Ethereum exchange value (As of April 6) Shows itself on shares over $3,336 per unit. With the current pullback, the drop has been translated as a percentage at around -20.5%.

Negative percentage, according to values ​​found in major information sites in the crypto sector, such as CoinGecko, even on the weekly horizon. In this case, the The downward progression will be approximately -7.2%. The rally from May 3 to May 5 (also tops around $2,947) has been replaced by a sharp correction.

By selecting a 24 hour chartIn fact, it is possible to identify a drop in prices, at trading levels around $2,725 at the time of writing. In other words, a difference in the 24 hours is approximately -7.3%. Thus experts and analysts continue to analyze the asset in search of potential replay points.

there The situation in the crypto market However, the analysis is quite complicated, especially due to the external aspects of the cryptocurrency market, such as the increase in prices in the United States, which certainly cannot be ignored.

Final notes

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