GPS 2022: the new MIUR regulation

New MIUR regulation for GPS 2022 is coming.

The draft decree with the new rules to update the regional arrangement of alternatives introduces some of them Changes in requirements to enter the ranking. Validity is two years.

Here are the new MIUR rules for GPS and all news Explain simply and clearly, with Draft regulation for download and counseling.

Project GPS Regulation 2022-2024

Pending the decree of the Ministry of the Interior, we put at your disposal the opinion of the CSPI with the draft (Pdf 363Kb) of the Regulation on the Classifications of Regional Alternatives.

The provisions contained in the document may be subject to changes. For final confirmation of provisions You have to wait for publication From the official regulation by the Ministry of Education.

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GPS Regulation 2022 2023

The Council of State She expressed her opinion on the draft of the new appeal of the GPS that will have to organize the modernization of the GPS scheduled for this year, Referring to several critical issues In the ministerial decision submitted by the Ministry of Education. Basically, as pointed out by the Union of Uil Schools, the State Council Decree rejected MIUR to update the GPS, suggesting various changes to the ministerial text.

The Supreme Council for Public Education (CSPI), with the opinion of April 22, 2022, published his own analysis of the plan of the decree of the Ministry of the Interior regarding the regulation of Create district and institute rankings To allocate alternatives to the teaching and teaching staff, noting the need to amend various parts of the Operational Manual. We remind you that the provincial rankings for alternatives expire in 2022, so it should be Updated starting from the academic year 2022/23 To allow schools to assign alternative jobs to teachers in time to regularly perform school activities.

As already emphasized by CSPI in its February 25, 2022 opinion, updating the district classification is an essential step for schools to operate through a transparent and structured recruitment method, which ensures the contribution of many teachers to the national education system. In essence, it avoids the need to resort to availability (Angry) to hire alternatives.

The draft MIUR regulation for GPS also introduces new features starting in 2022. Let’s see in detail What is changing with the new rules.

Supplements of the new regional classifications

here main news Contained in the draft decree of the Ministry of the Interior to update GPS:

  • Ranking every two yearsTherefore, the new GPS will be valid for the academic years 2022/23 and 2023/24;

  • To get to the second squad From the GPS to the support, it is necessary to have 3 years of service accrued on the support during the year prior to the classifications update, so the service annuity requirements become more stringent than the previous legislation;

  • The second squad has not been eliminated Childhood and basic GPS for common places, as opposed to what was initially envisioned by MIUR. Therefore, the new regulation provides for the first and second bands for all school ranks and grades;

  • remote appalso for the new arrangement, the computerized method of placing orders is confirmed;

  • It is possible to apply for a single countyfor one or more GPS – and for the relevant school ratings – as well as the first range of school ratings for which the required requirements are met;

  • Computerized callingIT procedures are confirmed to assess applicants and ensure their availability.

What will the new rankings look like?

Based on the draft regulation, the GPS will be divided for the 2022-2024 school year as follows:

to. GPS Common Places Childhood and Initial

  • Category I – consists of applicants with a specific qualification qualification;

  • Category II – consists of students enrolled in the third, fourth or fifth year of the Certificate of Primary Education for the academic year 2021/2022, who have completed, respectively, at least 150, 200 and 250 ECTS;

B. Secondary GPS common places (separated by competition categories)

  • first category – consists of applicants with the title of the specified qualification;

  • The second category – consists of applicants with educational qualifications and access requirements established by the current legislation;

c. GPS support (broken down by education grades)

  • The first category – consists of applicants with a certain qualification on support at the relative educational level;

  • Category II – consisting of applicants without a specialty qualification who, during the year preceding the submission of the GPS inclusion application, have had three years of teaching in a support position in the relative degree and have the qualifying qualification or a scope access qualification second GPS relative degree;

Dr.. Personal Educational GPS

  • first category – consists of applicants with the title of the specified qualification;

  • Category Two – consists of applicants with appropriate qualifications and access requirements.

State Council opinion

In analyzing the new GPS regulation submitted by the Ministry of Education, the State Council found several crucial issues and requested changes to the decree, which had already been highlighted by union organizations and CSPI. Here are the main changes Applications from the State Council, reported by labor unions Flc Cgil and Uil scuola:

  • Insert tables to assess the qualifications in the decree, in order to be able to give certain indications to the aspirants;

  • Elimination of information related to an IT procedure From the text, in order to be able to make it clear in other provisions that may include any technological innovations for computing alternatives assignment;

  • Sanctions relief Provided, as in the draft regulation, that there is an excessive tightening of the penalty framework for substitutes;

  • Check that the scores are correct before, but not after, approval of the classification;

  • Re-evaluate reaching the second level Support those who have completed three years of teaching on support during the academic year prior to application submission;

  • Identify statements that do not correspond to the truthto distinguish erroneous errors from inaccurate culprits, as well as to identify cases of correction or exclusion;

  • Delivery sites for aspirants Available before submission.

Accordingly, the State Council, on the basis of the identified inconsistencies and problems, suspended the submission of the opinion pending the redrafting of the text and the clarifications requested from the Ministry of Education.

Additional information and updates

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