Maeda also enters the Network of Renewable Energy Communities

Maeda The municipality of Maeda is also ready to make its decisive contribution, through the innovative tool of renewable energy communities, to tackle the very serious problem of expensive energy that has been affecting the national economy for months and putting families in great difficulty. This was announced by a joint memorandum of UNICAL and the Regional Association for Energy and Environmental Protection. The situation was exacerbated by the war in Ukraine, which exacerbated the problem of the so-called “energy poverty”. A revolution, the energy revolution, starting from the bottom, which, in addition to bringing economic benefits to citizens, is moving in the direction of achieving climate neutrality, which many have preached but few actually follow to the end. That was on May 2, 2022, immediately after Labor Day, by Council Resolution No. 103 – The Municipality of Maeda has agreed and signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Energy and Management (DEMEG) at the University of Calabria to start a close cooperation with the Academic Institution with the aim of creating a renewable energy community in the municipal area.
Maeda municipal lands and those of neighboring municipalities have long been among the main contributors to energy independence in the country. “With this act, we intend to allow our citizens to be key actors in the energy transition – declares Maeda Mayor Salvatore Pawnee – to allow everyone to be producers and/or consumers of energy and, if possible, support the growth of the Territory and the nation, through deep decarbonization of the energy system.” But we want more, we want to generate energy from renewable sources not only to bring indisputable advantages from an environmental and social point of view, but to allow us to generate new jobs for designers, local businesses and their workers through the widespread use of plants and PV systems for families and businesses.”
“The initiative of the municipality of Maeda – adds Professor Daniel Minniti, Ordinary Electrical Energy Systems and responsible for the agreement between the municipality and the department – is part of similar initiatives of many other municipalities that follow the same path, giving rise to a real energy revolution starting from the bottom, which will allow, thanks to Creation of a Community of Renewable Energy (CER), for large segments of citizens to be able to take advantage of the benefits related to the production of “green” energy “that they do not have or cannot equip themselves for various reasons, not least economic, with the necessary systems”.
“We absolutely want to seize the opportunities derived from the PNRR projections – continues Mayor Paone – which allocates with investment 1.2 of Action M2 component C2 to municipal lands with a population of less than five thousand inhabitants 1.6 billion . loan Dedicated to energy communities. We want to be prepared, which is why we decided to start cooperation with the University of Calabria in time. By economically supporting the construction of renewable resource plants for our community, we can therefore be able to achieve tangible benefits even for those who do not have the opportunity to build their own plant, and therefore not a few are under energy cost pressure. Of course – Mayor Pawnee continues – no one could be under the illusion that this initiative alone would immediately lead to a significant reduction in energy costs but now is the time, now or never! “
Over the next few days, most likely on May 18, the municipal administration together with the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Energy and Management of the University of Calabria, will organize a symposium to allow citizens, businesses and technicians to have sufficient knowledge of the potential derived from energy communities.
Meanwhile, the small municipality of Panettiere, in Cosentino, always in cooperation with the University of Calabria and the Regional Union for Energy and Environmental Protection, is now completing the complex process of starting its own energy community. In fact, yesterday the exploratory notice was published to express the interest in which the municipality launched a campaign to join its citizens and businessmen to the emerging renewable energy community, and in a few days it will approve in the city council the deed of incorporation. And the statute and regulations for the work and distribution of incentives among members of the community.

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