Mondo Sangio Live Tour, the shake of happiness we need is called Sangiovanni

Energy, Compassion and Generosity: Sangiovanni concerts are the perfect combination of these three elements, which Sangio turns into an irreplaceable magical potion. A 21st century musician who takes us into his world, an artist who entertains and excites. Sangiovanni really is: in order to be, you need not only to know how to be on stage, but to experience feelings with the listener. And the generosity in doing so is little and unique, just like his. First date on Alcatraz? real joy

Sangio couldn’t wait to sing live in front of so many people, which was already understandable on Wednesday when he jumps on the stage of Alcatraz in Milan and smiles nonstop – with a flowing energy, visible even from a distance! Together with Madame for the duration of Marea. And just a few hours later, just last night, there, in the same scene, Sangyu transfers all his positive energy to sing along with thousands of voices, a unified and unique chorus that accompanies him for the duration of the concert.

Uniform and unique choir

Yes, unique, just like that uniqueness that Sangio tells and defends in his songs, which reminds everyone of the value of every moment of his life. No, it is not an idea aimed only at the younger generations, but a message to all, without any discrimination: that is why Sangyu’s lyrics and music do not have predetermined ages. They are for those who decide to share it and make it their own. From exclusivity to sharing, not forgetting the strong and positive energies, those that give you a strong and positive shock and that you cannot do without: at Sangiovanni parties you will experience all this, in a concentrated dose in about an hour and a quarter of a live show. Where you can breathe in peace of mind, joy, fun and passion, but also a lot of generosity on the part of a wonderful little singer who, in the first place, always puts someone to follow, listen and support. And you do nothing to hide it.

Sangyo, Between Alchemy and Happy Moments (Common)


“Kadiri Volari”, this is Sangovanni’s first album

From the first notes of “Cadere Volare”, a song that gives the title of his debut album and that opens the concert, you can breathe a special chemistry between Sangio and all present: in a few seconds, this young artist is already able to give moments of happiness. And they are then, if you think about it, the moments that we need, every day, always, and perhaps have a hard time finding and having. Sangio manages to form it only through his songs, without important scenographies, but with many colors. Like the songs “Lady”, “Hype” and “Malibu”, three of the many songs were performed on the stage. There are also songs from the last album, such as “Siddiqi”, “Cigarette Mint” and “Cortosirquito”, that everyone is interested in. Among these melodies, there is room for a surprise, a preview, because if there are no unexpected moments … it is not at the Sangio party (and that is the beauty too!). With him, the rule of “expect the unexpected” applies, i.e. wait for the unexpected, the surprise continues, and you are able to make what you are going through more special.

Sangiovanni’s positive “shock”

The unexpected moment is called “Scossa,” and Sangiovanni’s newest single, released at midnight on Friday May 6, premiered on these early tour dates: and even if the script remains unknown (but it’s only a matter of time, And it won’t take much), a few notes are enough and the energy circulating in the room is irrepressible. Sangio also has this talent: in addition to creating an unmistakable chemistry, he always manages to put people at ease, in any context. And this is no small thing, for a boy of only nineteen he made music as a means of telling and talking to many people, which is reflected in his words. A gesture of generosity makes the difference and appears even on stage.

Unstoppable, like his music


What are we people, Sangiovanni’s new song lyrics

It all starts from here, from Sangio’s most beautiful generosity and strongest talent. What makes him even more special is being natural, in a world where a lot of courage is also needed to be generous. It’s not a play on words, but the contemporary we live in often forces us to wear armor so as not to reveal anything and hide our uniqueness. Sangiovanni, first, said no to these canons and shared them through his music, effective and only outwardly simple. Because simplicity is not synonymous with superficiality, and this Sangyu, if he doesn’t teach it, surely remembers it. Each of his live performances is a surprise, a rush of positive adrenaline, happiness and engagement: Sanjuu is not just a young singer-songwriter, but an actor who is growing day by day, non-stop. Because it is unstoppable, like the message he conveys through his music.

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Sangiovanni, Cadere Volare’s Inexhaustible Moments: Cover

flight fall

Who are we people



a lady

the noise

my friend

gamma rays


lose ourselves (strong)

closed circuit


mint cigarettes


Gucci bag

lost in the dark

Give me the sky the moon

If you help me


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