NFT, has sold five thousand virtual lands in the Metaverse

Five thousand virtual plots of land were sold around the world within ten hours of its launch. This is the surprising result of the Birdez Gang brand launched in December 2021. It is undeniably strong thanks to more than 45 collaborations and partnerships created with some of the most important global companies in the NFT world. It must be remembered that the new sold-out virtual reality will be celebrated only ten hours after the more than five thousand lands that make up the kingdom of Perdez. The brand has an excellent position in Italy, being among the first investors in the world of NFT and in the parallel reality envisioned by Mark Zuckerberg and the Meta team. The project, co-founded by digital entrepreneur Mik Cosentino and founder of InfomarketingX, reaches an international dimension with more than 21,000 members of the Discord community from all over the world. Birdez Gang is part of the evolution of social connections promoted by Metaverse and the opportunities offered by non-fungible tokens, digital native titles certified through the blockchain. We can define it as a complete digital revolution, thanks to technology that makes it possible to enhance culture in another key, intelligently anticipating the evolution of the proposed and required progress in the twenty-first century. From the point of view of real estate, the union of the two worlds has recently led to a real boom: hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent on the purchase of virtual land, as in the case of a user who paid more than 450 thousand dollars to become the neighbor of rapper Snoop Dogg in Metaverse. With Mik Cosentino, we are deepening the new cultural frontiers of NFT.

What cultural expression do NFTs want to represent?

“NFTs, in my opinion, represent a new way for people to take their place within society. Wanting to give a concrete example: if I were part of an exclusive Romanian club, every year I would have to pay a certain amount, non-repayable, to continue my membership. If I had to move to a city Other, I can stop joining that club, and give my place to someone else. However, in the NFT world, things are very different, because in fact we own this exclusive place, in a standardized and approved manner. Suppose you are part of a club, and access to it is guaranteed with a one-time fee One by purchasing NFT.If one day I decide to move or no longer a member, I will still hold a numbered seat, available in limited quantities, which will have an accurate market value, measurable according to supply/demand logic.It is very likely that the value of that place will rise over time This dynamic is applicable to any reality, but the strategy and model to be followed must be well understood.”

It is a very specific market niche. What will be the future of the default?

“Talking about prestige is not correct in my opinion: the world of NFTs will become more and more common. It will be applied in various sectors, from catering, to training, from real estate, to the world of music, events and cinema. So it is more correct to say that NFT technologies are a technology that is now in Its first phase of implementation. We can compare it, in terms of global reach and perception, to what Facebook was in 2007, before it became the social platform known around the world. Tokens represent a unique opportunity for the public to own, in a blockchain-based way, their place within a community, created By their trusted restaurant, by the artist we love, by the influencer we follow.”

What role does technology play?

“Technology is fundamental: the blockchain allowed all this, and without it there would be no NFTs. Today it seems to be a very technical and complex thing, with time the dynamics will be more clear and spontaneous, becoming a part of our daily lives, precisely because NFTs will take care of more and more sectors of It transformed us, from the restaurant, to the gym and so to say. It represents the ownership of an asset that can be resold or collected over time; this is the most important and wonderful concept at the same time.”

Francesco Fravolini

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