Previous PCTO activities of Alternanza Scuola Lavoro: the last of the four guided technical/operational visits | newⓈ

After the activities carried out on the occasion of the “National Day of the Sea” established by the Ministry of the Interior in cooperation with the port authorities, the activities of the PCTO Alternanza Scuola Lavoro continue for the 4th and 5th grade students of ITS Nautico “Carnaro” Brindisi Coordinator of Avvisatore Marittimo, at the Versalis (Eni) industrial site in Brindisi And specifically in site logistics infrastructures, at the quay and on board vessels moored for loading/unloading activities.

Today, the last of the four guided technical/practical visits ended, which saw the participation of 177 students accompanied by company teachers Maria De Luca and Antonio Catanzaro and school teachers Professor Simone Rosato, Giovanni Conte and Marco Navazio.

In particular, during the last May 3rd, the school director Prof. Salvatore Amorella also took part in the visit, who for the first time took the opportunity to enter the petrochemical plant with the students next to the state examinations. The industrial company Eni, which for more than sixty years has been a guarantee of career development prospects for young people in the region.

The visit, which began at the BSG Consortium Convention Center, is adequately equipped to accommodate students and their companions in accordance with applicable health regulations, and provided the first safety briefing necessary to train and inform participants of the rules and code of conduct and safety while staying within the industrial area, followed by a presentation of Versalis in general and the Brindisi location In particular by the Director of the Plant, Luca Piludu, and the Director of Human Resources, Gabriele Venera, for the completion of an intervention by Dean himself, who thanked Versalis for his friendliness and willingness to cooperate with the Institute which had been strengthened over the years, and wanted to highlight the importance of the ability to count on the existence of such an important and pioneering company in Brindisi, motivating children to engage in the course of study in an effort to obtain outstanding results so that they will be able to progress to find employment in these realities where the choices are intended to include those who stand out, and finally affirmed the commitment of the Naval Institute to continue promoting Planning for other such initiatives, and continuing this virtuous path is necessary and necessary to bring students in a tangible way into the world of work to bring together Theory learned in school and practice.

After the presentation, the visit was continued with the tremendous enthusiasm of the pupils and teachers first on the pier and then with a guided tour on a bus where, thanks to the guides of Versalis technicians, all the participants had the opportunity to understand the whole production process of the industrial site in Brindisi and the fundamental interconnection with the pier and with shipping in general, It is an essential benefit for the productive life of the entire petrochemical plant, however, for the economy of the entire territory.

Special thanks to Mimmo Miggiano of Ag. Poseidone, to command of Emilian Maritime Navigation’s Angelina Amoretti and command of Synergas freighter SynAcrab which allowed all students divided into small groups to have utilities on the bridge and in the engine room.

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