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The legendary German circuit Hockenheim Lands in the REVV metaverse of Animoca Brands. The agreement, complete with exclusive Hong Kong gaming house, will allow virtual racers in the environment REVV Motorsport To tackle the corners of the legendary German circuit, but not only.

Players will be able to purchase entire sectors ofHockenheimringobviously in the form of NFTto secure a portion of the revenue generated by the virtual circuit in its gaming environment.

The Hockenheimring – here in the original

with the symbol REVV dollars Which can become one of the most interesting things inside Globalism subordinate metaverse Born in the games. We can find it on BinanceGo here to get a free account to buy and sell cryptocurrency A broker that always provides access to the most emerging facts in the crypto world.

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REVV’s curious approach to the gaming world

You will be able to access a file legendary circle from Hockenheim With cars and motorcycles from more than one game, always from Animoca Brands. We are talking about Formula E: High Voltage, Ignition MotoGPand Torque Drift 2 and REVV Racing.

In the tradition of the gaming house and venture capital of the crypto world, titles are presented with the formula play to winis very popular in Playing on the blockchain. In this case, among the many options offered by the REVV ecosystem, we have the possibility buy circuit chips To share in the profits earned by the platform.

there Perhaps the choice of Hockenheimring was not accidental, wink at least two classes of players. On the other hand, digital natives grapple with blockchain and cryptocurrency on a daily basis. For them, it will most likely be another release that is consumed at lightning speed.

On the other side of the fence is the old guard of oilheads. The latter, he just heard”Hockenheim“They already fly with their minds to the legends of the ominous asphalt ring that tore apart the Black Forest, In Baden-Württemberg. Later we will understand why the connotation is incomplete.

Let’s go back to the present for a moment, with words Yat Seoco-founder of Animoca Brands:

“It is a great honor to welcome Hockenheimring to our metaverse racing game. REVV Motorsport gamers will be able to race on one of the world’s most iconic circuits and will also have the opportunity to enjoy true digital ownership on parts of the virtual track, with all the benefits associated with that.”

Hockhenheim, which has been mutilated over time to ensure the highest safety standards, has been the home of the F1 German GP since 1970, alternating periodically with another legendary Teutonic circuit: Nürburgring.

On the old track, there are no horrific exploits and accidents for drivers passing around them Over 300 km/h in the Black Foreston straight lines very dangerous and endless.

We don’t know if only the current Hockenheimring format will appear in the game, but we hope so Animoca Brands They chose to revive also old circuit. If so, we are willing to bet a good number of Passionate about engines and cryptocurrency They won’t hesitate for a moment to buy some Legendary bitumen in the form of NFT.

The fun REVV experience

Although it is a platform that is still unknown to most of the people, we can also confirm our interest under the investment plan.

at REVV We can compete by buying the cars from the secondary market open seawhich starts from a lowest price It’s still completely available, i.e. a few euros. Once we purchase our car, we will be able to start racing on several tracks and also participate in awarding REVV$ tokens for the best.

System play to win Which winks in the world of racing and racing enthusiasts, in one of the best technical achievements in the sector. Certainly it should also be followed in terms of investor interest.

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