Senator Warren vs. Bitcoin and Fidelity

who – which Elizabeth Warren Have some fun in public rage against Bitcoin Now it should not be a mystery even to those who, among our readers, do not follow the events of US policy. In fact, the senator has already found space on our pages several times marking her previous public releases.

This time to be of interest to the senator Fidelity, which started offering pension funds with Bitcoin in thema process that can only infuriate the senator, not just his opponent Bitcoinbut also freedom of choice of workers to choose the retirement fund that best suits their needs.

Senator Warren Again Against Bitcoin (And Fidelity)

All this while the senator’s views are now in the corner politically too, a sign of that Bitcoin It is now considered an all-round asset even by most of those who considered it inappropriate only some time ago. We can invest in it Capital.comGo here to get a free demo account with unlimited virtual capital A broker that allows us to invest in it More than 476 cryptocurrenciesall of them were selected among the most important projects for the market.

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Elizabeth Warren is trying to hit Bitcoin again, this time in an effort to defend workers

US Senator Elizabeth Warrennow a well-known name for registries dealing with cryptocurrencies and Bitcoinlaunches another campaign from Food against BTC dollars And this time also against the fund managers who are associated with them the most Washingtonin countless attempts, in our opinion Ride Bitcoin for its popularity.

long letter – Which can be read here in the full version Which, given the authority of the tribune, is worth commenting on part by part. In fact, the senator’s interests are different.

As the senator reported, cryptocurrencies are – in any case a much broader category than… Bitcoin, which is the only crypto-asset that Fidelity has put into its retirement funds — it’s going to be very volatile. And that’s why it definitely doesn’t deserve to be part of a pension fund investment portfolio. There was a concern that would also be honest, were it not for the fact that previous products of this type have already ended up in origins that are certainly no different in this respect. Why so much concern today for Bitcoin?

care about that devotion However stresses several times inside Submitted a bulletin to the press – Do everything possible to warn about the specific financial nature of Bitcoin.

According to the senator, there are also concerns about the safety of the reservation, as previously explained by a report by Department of workkind of our counterpart Ministry of Labor. But even these fears, let us tell you, appear to be unfounded.

devotion Already announced that I Bitcoin From the box will be guarded by a special department that already provides this kind of service to institutional clients. So let’s talk about the highest level of Security is possible. This is also a question that the senator could have found an answer to by checking the documents she cited herself.

  • Concerns about the value of cryptocurrencies, which do not have the same reporting standard as other assets

Once again we have to correct Senatorwhich instead of talking about BitcoinIt is the subject of the pension fund devotionfetch Cryptocurrency, a cauldron where you can put a little of everything. When it comes to reporting, we have clear obligations regarding devotion, which a manager of this type cannot escape from. So it remains difficult even in this case to understand what a file is problem from Senator With Bitcoin And with this manager running.

  • Concerns about customer commissions

The true masterpiece of a message about to scream: With money that has been charging incredible commissions to clients for years, how are the senator’s concerns only now operational? What leads you to believe that the problem exists only for the money you put Bitcoin in their wallet?

  • The absurd conflict of interest case

After the masterpiece, icing the cake. devotion In the past, operations began Mining On a very small scale. Let’s talk about something that happened in 2017 He may have made the company a few thousand dollars, maybe more. However, for a fund manager who owns a significant portion of the world’s leading companies, the conflict of interest concerns of some miner voices are, again, like classics. Effective argument.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin no longer cares about the comedy that surrounds it

Comedy movie: He gave us a hard verdict, but there’s very little controversy surrounding Senator Warren. With the good news that Bitcoin can actually continue completely uninterested from This is amazingamong others, in a very complex stage of the market, which it shares with the main risk assets.

Thus we can say goodbye, and postpone everything to the next version of Senator, which made the confusion over Bitcoin one of its defining characters and one of its fiercest battles. Alongside those are anti-capitalist, anti-corporate, anti-rich, anti-bourgeois and against classes who occasionally become the object of the senator’s wrath.

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