Spectrum Markets Testimonials on Bitcoin and Ethereum

Spectrum Markets has announced the launch of Turbo Certificates on Bitcoin and Ethereum. These are institutional-level turbo safeguards that allow you to hedge against it Volatility risks.

Spectrum Markets and New Certificates on Bitcoin and Ethereum Networks

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New Turbo Orders Announced for BTC and ETH

Frequency Spectrum Markets Headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, a pan-European trading venue for securitized derivatives, it aims to Financial institutions and their individual investors.

The exchange is regulated by the German government agency BaFin, and is MiFID compliant. It works 24 a day, 5 days a week.

Thanks to the new Turbo certifications on Bitcoin And Ethereumfinancial institutions can offer their individual clients aLong and short exposure to BTC and ETH leverage.

The new products expand Spectrum’s existing portfolio of Turbo24 collateral, allowing brokers to offer their clients a more secure offer for the price of two of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Better control of volatility risks.

According to Spectrum, this is the first time around the world that financial institutions have been able to provide their European retail customers with access to turbo collateral on cryptocurrencies.

Advantages of the new Turbo certifications

In particular, the advantage of these regulated and tradable instruments on institutional platforms is that they allow trading during the night, that is, when the traditional markets are closed. In fact, many retail investors not only work even while traditional markets are closed, but above all the volatility risks associated with it Cryptocurrency trading It’s too high if you can’t trade around the clock.

Moreover, the use of derivatives also means that there is no need to worry on the part of investors Physical storage of coins.

Turbo collateral in particular is equipped with a knockout function that allows automatic closing of positions when the underlying asset reaches a certain price. This allows investors to limit their exposure in the event of a problem. Trade 24/7 Reduces the risk of vulnerabilities Also in this context.

Finally, the ability to take short positions allows investors to take advantage of lower prices, as well as provide a way to hedge long exposures.

Spectrum Markets CEO, Nikki Maan, He said:

“We are proud to continue our track record of innovation to provide better tools to European retail investors, and this launch responds to strong demand for versatile exposure to cryptocurrencies.

In addition to being an easy way to access cryptocurrencies through their broker with limited expenses, Turbo24 products provide investors with tools to hedge exposure and better control their risk in what is, after all, a highly volatile asset class. We strongly believe that digital assets will continue to play a role in the portfolios of individual investors, and we look forward to bringing more innovations and opportunities into this sector.”

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