Tezos on Lando Norris’ strange helmet

Lando Norris Appears at Miami GP with one amazing helmet in perfect style NBA. The McLaren driver will race with the perfectly reproduced basketball graphics on the headguard.

The colours, the graphics and even the font used to put his name on the helmet: it’s all there Matching the famous Wilson key ball used in the American League. Which will interest the audience of cryptocurrency enthusiasts the most, with Tezos رمز symbol Well on the horizon.

Tezos on a Lando Norris helmet for the next Grand Prix

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Lando Norris with Tezos for a great helmet!

Lando Norris is One of the youngest and fastest drivers Currently working in F1. The 1999 chapter was also awarded to a character who doesn’t struggle to stand out in the hardcover world Circus World Champion. Character that is also accompanied by sponsored Tezos – which, among other things, will look good on a passenger’s helmet.

Caustic but grainy, pungent and Definitely English In his irony, the Bristol native has been the king of social media memes: one of the most active players in the World Championships.

Let’s talk about the past tense because, Just as disturbing as it can bethe 1999 class announced that he no longer follows social networks because of They made him sick. His calculations are overseen by an expert, leaving the pilot free to focus on his work. In Spite of all this Norris is very popular on social media And on the web in general.

mark Formula 1 Crypto.com Miami Grand Prix 2022 So, here we go back to the news giving us material to think about, photos of his Wilson-style helmet quickly making the rounds on the net.

Norris always NBA fan, offered for sale a replica of the helmet in a 1: 2 scale on its official website. FOR 24 HOURS ONLY: The fetish rush effect is guaranteed. Even by those who want memory from post Tezos to the world championship circuit.

The endless trick of marketing genius

And what are we interested in? The point is that Lando is the one who Twitch Live Twitch for Charity And great talent in racing simulation, nursery Blockchain pilots are not fastHe is a McLaren driver.

And McLaren is known to be very responsive To the world of cryptocurrency. A copy can be purchased scale 1: 2 which also features the extensioncipher exchange OKXonce again an important signal of commercial commitment to cryptocurrencies in the F1 world.

However, we note something inconsistent: We can only pay in pounds. Come Lando, you have 5.2 million followers on Instagram, 1.3 on Twitch, and about 900,000 on Facebook, and are you still stuck in the pounds? Seriously, our provocation was supposed to be one Calm and constructive reflection. The helmet of the NBA edition is clearly winking over the American audience.

Once again a smart move by Norris, who knows how to move to increase his followers. But we know that too Basketball and cryptocurrency are very close worlds: Why do we limit the marketing of such a character to paper currencies only?

Thus opens the most cryptocurrency weekend in history Formula 1With Crypto.com What will happen naming the sponsor For the event and with different teams will be showing off their coded sponsors. The weekend that, from the first site in Italia information about Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency We can’t help but follow closely.

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