The Energy Crisis and Price Increases: Solutions and Remedies

So far, the power mode represents an instability not recorded in recent history. Let’s get acquainted with the data recorded on the price increase for the first quarter of 2022 and what are the viable solutions to solve the energy imbalance.

How can we infer from a Report developed by Falck Renewables Next Solutionrecorded prices for‘Energy In the First quarter of 2022 rose out 320% Compared to the first quarter of 2021, this situation confirms strong growth trend Already highlighted in the last quarter of 2021 when the average priceEnergy Reached a monthly average of 281 euros / megawatt-hour.

Energy Price Report

the prices

The intonation (One national price) in the first three months of 2022 consecutively recorded 224 euros / megawatt-hour In the month of January, 211 Euro / MWh In the month of February AH 308 Euro / MWh In March, it is clear that these are values ​​outside the price range recorded in the same period in 2021. With these results we can say that The war in Ukraine has more The energy crisis worsened already existed in the past.

Besides the impact of global conflicts, we must also take into account weather changesIn fact, the price trend was conditioned by factors such as: late cold and the lack of rain causing a decrease 50% to produce energy from Hydroelectric power stations. Fortunately it is energy imbalance was compensated in large part by wind power generation special event in Southern regions of Italyin particular it was possible to take advantage of the presence of very windy winter. In March, thanks to the vaccination Renewable energy Like thewind forcediscounts have been reported on the daily price ofEnergy equal to approximately 160 Euro / MWh.

solutions for the future

Renewable energy

thanks for the Energy Decree Just approved treasurywhich is provided by Measures and facilities Designed to simplify the procedures for Renewable energy plant installationsyou can save all Italia Beauty 15 billion cubic meters of gas Every year, basically 20% of gas imports from abroadThis way Italians will go to save on the monthly bills.

Luca Prosdosimi, Head of Commerce at Falck Renewables Next Solutions He explains to us: “Data is essential for analyzing and planning the future of our sector, and is even more important in situations like the current one. That is why our division has been providing customers and operators with a public service for more than two years. Electricity market. This latest report sheds great light on the escalation in prices, with a view that unfortunately in the current scenario will not be heading for improvement.”

Francesco Benvenuto concludes, Head of Energy Management, Falck Renewables Next Solutions: “The report issued undoubtedly confirms that to free ourselves from strategic and economic dependence on gas, we must increasingly focus on renewable. So it is clear that the sector is strategic for the energy development of the country, and therefore, we need institutions to support its growth.”

In conclusion, it is true that I Conventional energy prices have already reached exorbitant prices And unsustainable For the majority of Italian businesses and families, but thanks to the use of measures envisaged Energy DecreeThe process will evolve Energy Efficiency that can solve and address the current crisis. yes to Renewable energy!

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